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Why the Womanizer Series is Different (and Why that Rules!)

The Full Womanizer review: the Womanizer premium, duo Womanizer vibrator, the classic Womanizer toy & liberty Womanizer sex toy, compared and shared!

After several years on the market, a complete Womanizer review has to answer not just how it stacks up against other toys, but against each other.

With four toys to try, as well as the joy of a giant haul, this is uniquely exciting because the Womanizer vibrator, starting with the Womanizer Pro, has had such an impact on the way sex toy designers approach female pleasure. It’s not just sensational, but seminal. In my review, I will also disclose that while I’m not a sex toy virgin, but I’ve never used clit suction before.

womanizer, the womanizer

Sex nerd time: Vibrators, themselves were some of the earliest patented electric appliances, dating back to the 19th century, and, although there have been upgrades, for most sex toys the fundamental technology has not changed. Although there have been notable advances in horsepower, increasingly quiet motors, and novel or more ergonomic shapes for the housing, ultimately it took the Womanizer toy to completely change the nature of the game.

Is it still a handheld massager? Yes, but the Womanizer toy has perfected the clit sucker. This cup-shaped bud nestles over you and gives you more than a friction buzz, embracing your clitoris and pulsing with just the amount of energy to mimic something hitherto impossible without a partner.

The Womanizer

Probably my favorite part of the Womanizer sex toy family is that it completely eschews the one size fits all approach. Owning a puzzle box vagina, myself, the quest to come usually means tech that treats every woman like perfect clones is a complete disappointment. Lucky for me, I got a chance to review the whole set (and share it with you).

Starting with the Womanizer Classic

Womanizer Classic

If you are going to review an entire line, I suspect you agree it’s probably better to go back to the beginning. Although the first vibrating clit sucker, the Womanizer Pro has been discontinued, its successor, the Womanizer Classic is the closest approximation of the seed that kicked off the whole category of clit suction toy, with many imitators in every well-known sex toy brand. For the Classic, their core design means an 8 setting, ABS plastic, and silicone toy about the size of your hand. With three buttons (+, – and power) standard on all models, the Womanizer vibrator is fairly intuitive to operate.

As far as aesthetics, you get one shade and a discrete silk storage bag. The colour is a uniform but fashionable violet tone, and reminds me of a pore cleanser vacuum. Only, rather than cleaning out impurities, the Womanizer sucker uses gentle puffs of air.

Womanizer Classic

Imagine oral sex from a partner with four-hour battery life. However, unlike a partner, your rechargeable clit vibrator offers considerably greater maneuverability. Explore on its lowest settings to get used to the new sensations and then, when you and the toy have made friends, rest that silicone cup-shaped head over your clitoris, hood in or not.  

I found a little bit of a thin lube was a significant improvement in sensation transfer, but there was definitely a learning curve. Not to give you TMI, but for me, the build up is all about the grip and the way I handle my lips as much as more traditional clitoral focus, and I took a bit longer to come than I might the by-hand old fashioned way. Nonetheless, especially on the lower settings, it completely avoids the numbness vs power problem I have with a lot of traditional vibes.

Womanizer Classic

As far as aesthetics, if you were familiar with the Pro, the appearance is a little different, but all the good parts of the original clit sucking sex toy are still there. The other thing that’s different is a considerably more ergonomic grip and a slightly more recessed head for the clit sucking vibrator portion.

Womanizer Classic

I do offer this caveat: As a Womanizer clit sucker newbie, it also took me a few tries to realize that it doesn’t work better with more pressure. The Womanizer sex toy family does not grab your clit the way the “suck” descriptor might imply, but rely on more indirect pressure. It’s a lot closer to a pulsing flutter than a lock on and pull. Start low and escalate with the setting options up and down, letting the clit suction kiss and worship you. To further describe what that feels like, you could still technically classify it as a vibrator in the sense that on its highest settings the clit sucker will give you spreading sensations and tingles.

This was my first ever go with a clit sucking sex toy, but I am extremely glad I started here rather than with the copycats from other brands.

Moving Up to the Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator

Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator

The Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator is an upgrade on the Classic when it comes to flexibility, but the cheapest out of the four options. I’m not just saying it’s an upgrade because they offer it in a limited-edition pearl finish in its ABS plastic body (for its five-year anniversary!) and, unlike the Classic, multiple colors. It’s also boiled down the core necessities of the Womanizer, managing at once to be fancier to look at, and with its small size, a just the facts ma’am no-frills approach to power. Although it has only 6 settings, compared to the Classic’s 8, that’s understandable as the Womanizer Liberty is the hand/pocket-sized choice. Obviously, if you travel a lot this clit sucker is an obvious improvement, although the smaller size (four inches) makes it considerably more geared for solo play.

Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator

As with this model of Womanizer vibrator, just like the Classic, it was a lot easier to use with a little lube. Although all Womanizers share this trait in common, I particularly appreciate the fact that the unit is waterproof, as you may get it a bit slick like I did. As the smallest in its vibrating clit sucker family, it’s the easiest for lube spread, and you will mostly depend on the shape of the housing for control.

The smaller size also means that you won’t be toggling between suction settings as much, even with the four options. I kept in the medium range. You also should remember to let it charge fully for the suggested hour before you use it. Even as it starts to power down it will still valiantly try to keep purring along and this can feel a bit inconsistent. Luckily, as with all the Womanizer toys, it’s design is discreet enough you could leave it plugged in, even in your living room, and nobody would be the wiser.

Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator

I also admit it was only in testing this particular toy when I realized that every Womanizer clit sucker has a completely detachable silicone part, and this case two head sizes to deal with the fact that every woman has a different clit and very different labia. If you are a complete toy novice, even beyond being new to using a clit sucking vibrator, part of the beauty of all silicone is that you can boil it. You could also put the clit suction part through the dishwasher, but it’s small enough I really do suggest hand washing.

Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator

With its smaller size, this clit suction toy also has a smaller battery life between charges, at two hours, but the reduced-price tag makes up for it. I also can not say I imagine many circumstances I would need more than an hour to get off, much less two. I will say that I do prefer the slower ramp up of the Classic, but this Womanizer sucker is still workable enough to get the job done.

Being Spoiled by the Womanizer Premium

If you are the sort of person who wants the luxe version of everything, and you are having a hard time picking which Womanizer vibrator you want, the Womanizer Premium is the best choice for you.

Womanizer Premium

First off, excepting the decorative metal band, it’s enrobed fully in silicone, unlike the other toys. This gives it a very welcome extra grip.  You have five colors to choose from (I like the white best!), but even more useful, this Womanizer toy also lets you swap out the head for an even more customized fit, just like the Liberty.

But how did it stack up in actual use? I admit it, I’m a princess, and very demanding in bed. I’m also extremely skeptical about hype. With the extra price tag, I knew the first practical testing in my Womanizer premium review would be to see if I could tell one vibrating clit sucker from another. As such, I gave it the standard test to see if it could make me come, then enlisted a partner to help.

I’m very much a lights on kind of girl normally, but the colours and difference in shape might have given it away, so my blind test benefited from relatively intuitive controls. My partner (in crime!) and I got well warmed up, and ever ready to serve, whether just me or the public good, they picked the first Womanizer clit sucker and brought me off without telling me which one it was.

Yes, I am that dedicated to getting it right.

Job done, I also left it up to my partner to hide and clean the first toy for me, lest I figure it out. Luckily, as I mentioned, both toys are waterproof (mmm, maybe a shower adventure some time later?) so there were no extra impromptu toy cleaning lessons needed and my partner was able to figure it out sans instructions. Then we waited another night for test two. Once again it was clit sucker time, and a scramble for my partner to hide the toy while I took some quick review notes.

Womanizer Premium

For the record it was the Classic on night one and the Premium on night two.

Can I tell one clit sucking vibrator from another? When my partner asked me, I said not really, as it’s 12 modes to 8 modes, with the Premium having a bit more varied clit suction power, but not necessarily a feature you need if the Classic was enough. My partner, on the other hand, disagrees (brat!). They said that everything else being equal, they had an easier time reading which Womanizer sucker I was responding to best with the Premium.

Womanizer Premium

Since they were more alert enough to time things like how fast I came or how loud I was, I will, in a rare moment from my usual nature, defer to them that the extra settings do make a difference.

I also wanted to see how I handled the autopilot that’s unique to the Premium. As a control freak, I was a bit nervous if the toy’s random program selection could match my fussy urge to button fiddle. I am not good at letting anyone or anything else to decide, my approach to going with the flow being closer to white water rafting than floating. For the autopilot, I tested the toy solo (as there would be nothing for my partner to do but hold it in place), let myself relax and tried to get into the zone. It… wasn’t bad. If variety is the spice of life and you like savoring the journey, that’s a definite alternative to getting into a routine. I’m not boring! I’m a Taurus! We just like to make things perfect!

Womanizer Premium

So yes, it’s an improvement, but I give the caveat that I have an extremely sensitive (small) clit but a fussy approach to how I am handled. If you dream of lying back and letting someone wow you, spend extra and go Premium.

Falling for the Womanizer Duo

I admit that although tastes vary, I love feeling full when I come. If you are built like me, the Womanizer Duo is your perfect curvy double penetrator and clit sucker power collab. Precisely because I thought that something with a g spot dildo had a good chance of being my favorite, I saved this one for last.

Womanizer Duo

If the Premium perfects everything about clit suction toys, the Duo brings it home with an additional feature. As well as a 12 setting clit sucker, the Womanizer Duo also has a shaft with 10 vibration patterns and 12 levels of intensity. For me, this is pretty welcome. My clit doesn’t like a lot of direct pounding, but my vadge does. Being able to get both types of sensations exactly how I wanted it was pretty magical.

Womanizer Duo

The Duo is also the only true Womanizer vibrator without any “technically” or need to explain the difference between suck and oscillate. While we might use the term vibrator to mean any motorized sex toy, the Womanizer Duo, with its thick insertable bulb, really does buzz away inside you. I also can say that comparing it to the well-known, oft-repeated DP vibrator classic, the rabbit, I prefer clit suction over fluttering ears.

Womanizer Duo

Sorry, Mr. Bunny, you were a first sex toy purchase a decade ago that I still have nostalgia about, but the Womanizer sucker actually sparks joy in a way that you never could. Plus, this has a much more body-friendly shape. The shaft has a perfectly engineered curve and about 3.5 inches of penetration depth, to settle it in just the right spot.

In my case, I also tested it as a rechargeable clit vibrator, by using the inside part outside. I found it was strong enough to give the defused sensations that I prefer from a more traditional vibrating toy. This alone was good enough for foreplay, so I found it made a good warm-up before I got it in place. It can take a little bit of work to get me to open up, so I appreciated a helping buzz across the whole area.

Womanizer Duo

In testing it inserted and with both features on, I did have to accept that a g spot vibrator sucker combo is also a toy that rewards patience, and a certain degree of surrender. When I was testing the other models, as well as operating them solo, I matched clit sucking sex toy action with my favourite silicone dildo. That’s pretty standard for getting off, as I am a big fan of the in/out motion, particularly as my orgasm builds. With a clit sucking vibrator, there’s very little moving around and definitely no thrusting. Instead, your pelvic floor holds the Womanizer clit sucker in place.

Thus, as a best tip, if you want to vary sensation, do not move the toy, change up the settings. You’ve got 10 patterns to choose from, and trying to push it back and forth won’t help. Do not be like me and accidentally uncouple the nice tease on your clit because you forgot and started wriggling. Easy fix, but unintentional edging. If you want to be a bit less luxuriously lazy, stick to kegels.

Womanizer Duo

Speaking of shoving silicone toys good places, I should mention that (as any insertable luxury vibrator should be) this toy is enrobed in a proper sheath of silicone. I find that in practice that can be a little grippy going in, but nothing a little extra lube can not fix, and definitely good when it comes to peace of mind over hygiene. Since you obviously can not boil the whole toy motor and all, a good toy cleaner will keep the body nice and clean.

Do take the time to mess with the controls before you take it for your first test run. As the most expensive toy in the Womanizer line up, you have gotten what you paid for. I didn’t find the increased range of options were that hard to figure out but I may have gotten a little obsessed with finding the best dual setting combo.

Womanizer Duo

Considering aesthetics, I would also say that it has the most unusual looks of any sex toy in my collection, something like a laser pistol turned wrong way round or an exercise weight. This is a net positive for me as I find the animal shaped toys weird me out, and the hyper realistic ones trigger some sort of uncanny valley reaction. I appreciate that of the three colours, it continues the Womanizer’s trend towards darker or more muted shades. I prefer this over the past trend towards candy pinks and lurid purples, or nursery layette pastels.

Womanizer Duo

For me, the only review disclaimer I might pack this with is to note that the u shaped insertable design does sacrifice a little bit of versatility in adapting to the different geography of every woman. I found the bulb part pleasantly filling, but if you do not feel like sliding it inside you will have trouble using the Womanizer’s most unique feature, that vibrating clit sucker.

Womanizer Duo

On the other hand, not unsurprisingly, this out performed any of the other Womanizer sex toys I tried solo. However, if I had to pick a clit suction toy, given my mix and match approach to the rest of my toy collection and my ever-willing partner, I wouldn’t say I can fully settle the clit sucking vibrator sibling rivalry question.

The Womanizer Toy Review Wrap Up

The true measure of the value of a sex toy I have tried is how likely it is to come out of the box after I have put it through its paces, made my notes and submitted my review. And one thing I can say is that it’s completely different from any other toy I’ve ever tried. It’s going to be hard to see which one is my personal winner (probably the Premium given the verdict from my partner in our couple’s test), but I’m also interested to see how you’ve found clit suction has worked out for you.

Do you prefer suction or traditional vibes? Or you are too are fascinated with Womanizer sex toys. Head on to AdamandEve.com today and use coupon BLOG50 at checkout to get 50% OFF on almost any single item plus Free Discreet Shipping and a Mystery Gift.

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