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The Best Male Sex Toys: My top picks from AdamEve.com

Wondering how to have a powerful, mind-blowing experience or how to boost your sexual performance? No need to wonder anymore; with this guide, you will know which one is the best male sex toy for you.

Nowadays, when you get the best male sex toy available on the market, you are in for a powerful, mind-blowing experience. 

Sex toys, both for men and women, have been around for thousands of years, but the technological development has come a long way since the era of stone dildos and men trying to make their manhood bigger with the help of wasp stingers. Nowadays, when you get the best male sex toy available on the market, you are in for a powerful, mind-blowing experience. 

I know, because I have tried a lot of them. 

Whether you use your new toy alone or together with a partner, the right sex toy will boost your performance and help you achieve more intense orgasms. 

Male sex toys are great for those times when you want to give your hand a break. Or, if you are in a relationship, when your girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex. Sex toys also help with building stamina, and when you find the right one for you, your performance will skyrocket. 

When it comes to my top picks at AdamEve.com, I choose two types. Male masturbators, also called strokers, these types of sex toys make getting off much more fun. You use them alone or together with a partner to increase your pleasure. Penis pumps, on the other hand, helps boost your sexual performance by helping your penis grow thicker and longer. The right penis pump will also make your penis more sensitive. The male masturbator and the penis pump are two sex toys that complete each other, and both are must-haves for your collection. 

A couple of tips before we dive in, buy a sex toy that’s suitable for the size of your manhood, always use a lube that is compatible with the sex toy of your choice. 

Best Male Masturbators

Adam & Eve Bangin’ Betty Stroker Kit $69.95

The Bangin’ Betty Stroker Kit is made of soft and durable TPE (apparently, that’s thermoplastic rubber). She feels soft to the touch, and the silky material makes you want to squeeze those butt cheeks. There are two holes to choose from; the anal hole is slightly tighter. Both holes are lined with a carefully developed texture for extra stimulation. The weight of Bangin’ Betty Stroker helps to keep the toy in place as you are banging away. 

Adam & Eve Bangin' Betty Stroker Kit

The measurement is on the smaller side compared to what a real butt would look like (8.75 inches long by 11 inches wide and 4 inches tall). The smaller size does make this sex toy easier to store away. 

The Bangin’ Betty Stroker arrives in a discreet packaging. Since there is no assembling to do, you can straight away get to the fun part. Bangin’ Betty Stroker is super easy to care for; here, you can really notice that the designers have done a good job. When you have finished, the only thing you have to do is to wash the stroker in warm soapy water and then rinse. There are small air holes in the vagina and anus, so you can just go ahead and flush away whatever ended up getting stuck there. An extra bonus is that the Bangin’ Betty Stroker features special holes built into the base, where you can add a vibrator for even more fun.

My Personal Experience 

A couple of users found the holes of the Bangin’ Betty Stroker to be too small. I might not be as well endorsed as I thought because, with few drops of Adam and Eve’s water-based lube, I had no problem entering. I started out with the vagina, the feeling was indeed incredibly tight and the textured inside added to the stimulation. I wouldn’t go as far as to call the feeling lifelike, but banging Betty was a big pleasurable step above my usual masturbating sessions.

Adam & Eve Bangin’ Betty Stroker Kit

Another complaint about the Bangin’ Betty Stroker was that the toy itself is rather small, and so Betty’s well-shaped back doesn’t measure up to the size of a real butt. I have to agree. Since I’m used to banging a considerable larger butt, this took away from the supposed to be a lifelike experience. My personal opinion is that you have to get over comparing this experience to normal lovemaking and consider the Bangin’ Betty Stroker to be the equivalent to what a favorite dildo is for women. The tightness and texture of the Bangin’ Betty Stroker is spot on. Bangin’ Betty Stroker is easy to use, the price is reasonable, so if you feel a little bit tempted, I will give it a go. I still bring her out when I want to experience a hand free masturbator session where I can focus on enjoying the thrusting.

Shower Stroker Pussy $19.95

The Shower Stroker Pussy promises lube-free stroking. Water activates the lube and makes this stroker wet, willing, and ready to go. This stroker is perfect for anyone who prefers to have their masturbation sessions in the shower. When you are done, you put the lid back on; the Shower Stroker Pussy once again looks like a white plastic bottle. You can use the cord to hang the stroker next to your shampoo. In other words, the storage couldn’t be more discreet and practical. 

Shower Stroker Pussy

The Shower Stroker Pussy itself is made from TPR, which means it’s soft and flexible. The entry mimics the look of a real vagina. You can keep the stroker in the casing for a tighter feeling and good suction. Or, if you want more room, you can remove the stroker from the casing and hold it in your hand. This technique has the added benefit that you can squeeze around your shaft and vary the pressure to your liking with the help of your hand. 

My Personal Experience 

Personally, I love a good shower sex, with or without a partner. So right off the bat, I was sure that the Shower Stroker Pussy would suit me. With the warm water from a nice long shower surrounding me, it was time to give my new sex toy a go. To minimize the risk of the toy breaking, open the vagina with your fingers before you begin pumping. Once you are inside, it’s time to start enjoying the soft pleasure nubs rubbing all over your shaft. The Shower Stroker Pussy grips your penis with firmness and good pressure, with the textured inside really adding to the experience. I enjoyed the promised oral-like suction. Next time I’m bringing the Shower Stroker Pussy to my Sunday bath.

Shower Stroker Pussy

When you are finished, all you have to do is wash the Shower Stroker Pussy, carefully dry it, and the stroker will be ready for next time. 

The self-lubrication only works a couple of times. After that, you have to use a water-based lubricant. For that price, you can’t expect a lifelong companion, just use plenty of lube and the Shower Stroker Pussy will last longer. 

Shower Stroker Pussy

If you have been thinking about trying a fleshlight but are hesitant to spend all that money, the Shower Stroker Pussy is good as a starter toy. This sex toy will give you a nice variation from using the old hand, and the way the inside teases your shaft will make you come hard and long, and that’s what the right sex toy is all about. 

Super Head Honcho Masturbator $ 19.95 (on sale right now)

Super Head Honcho Masturbator

The improved redesigned version features three suction chambers and a perfectly ribbed inside, everything to increase your pleasure. The material is on the softer side, but this sex toy is, according to many users, the closest you can get to a passionate blow job. 

This must-have sex toy is made from phthalate-free TPR. The soft and flexible material easily stretches to accommodate even the biggest guys out there.  

The Super Head Honcho is safe to use with water-based or silicone-based sex lubes. When the fun has come to an end, simply wash the toy in warm, soapy water. The open-ended design also makes this sex toy easy to flush clean. 

The Super Head Honcho Masturbator is user-friendly; you lube it up, and you go inside. If you order from AdamEve.com, it will arrive at your door in a discreet packing. 

My personal Experience 

I tried the Super Head Honcho Masturbator once on my own. I was amazed at exactly how good this sex toy felt. The experience was close to the feeling of a really good blowjob. I liked the smoothness of the material, and the textured inner chambers together with the suction sections had me swooning. When I was finished, I started right back again, just to try if it was really that good. It was. 

Super Head Honcho Masturbator

The other time I let my girlfriend use the Super Head Honcho Masturbator on me, I’m telling you, it was even better. Her soft, beautiful hands added to the stimulation, and within a couple of minutes, she had made me rock hard and ready for action.

The fact that it is 6 inches long makes your penis stay inside the whole time, no head poking out on the other side. 

Super Head Honcho Masturbator

On the flip side, the Super Head Honcho Masturbator might not be suitable for smaller men; it’s simply too long and too flabby. It’s not the sturdiest sex toy out there, but for the price, it beats the hell out of a hand job. An insider tip is to warm it up in hot water and to place your thumb over the top hole to create an even more powerful suction.

If you like getting a blowjob, this toy is a great buy; for me, it’s one of the best sex toys out there. 

Best Penis Pumps

Precision Pump $ 34.95

Precision Pump

The Precision Pump promises to give you a harder and more long-lasting erection. What is a man not up for that? The Precision Pump arrives in a discreet package; it also comes together with a penis ring and a complimentary free sample of lube. The cylinder is made of a strong, translucent gray plastic to make it easier to watch your penis grow. 

When using a penis pump, I strongly recommend using lube, both on your penis and on the entry to the pump. Shaving your pubes beforehand is also a good idea. 

You insert your erect (or half-erect) penis in the chamber through the silicone sleeve, make sure everything is sealed and secure. When you start pumping, a vacuum is created inside the pump, and your penis continues to grow thanks to the increased blood flow. The more you pump, the better vacuum you achieve. Your penis will become thicker than ever before. Go slowly and don’t pump for more than 30 minutes. When it is time to stop, you press a bottom to break the vacuum and exert your penis from the penis pump. 

Now back to the Precision Pump; the texture on the handle makes gripping easier, so that’s an added bonus once you start pumping away. The quick-release valve gives you a pain-free transition for when you are finished pumping. Just remember to hold the release button when pulling yourself out. The inner silicone sleeve can be trimmed down to accommodate one’s size. To keep your “new” erection rock hard for longer, you can use the penis ring.

Precision Pump

Your Precision Pump is easy to keep clean. Just wash it in warm water with a bit of soap, rinse and pat it dry. The shipping from AdamEve.com is super discreet, so no need to worry when you order sensitive things. 

My Personal Experience

According to my experience, penis pumps are not for everyone. It takes some time to get used to the technology, and on top of that, you actually have to do a bit of work to achieve the desired extra inches in thickness and length. Some men try it once just to conclude that it’s not their cup of tea. But if you are persistent and willing to experiment to find what technique you need to use, the result can be impressive. 

Precision Pump

Penis pumps are worth a try if you are having medical problems (consult a doctor first) or if you are having problems achieving the erections of your youth. 

The Precision Pump is a good starting point if you are new to penis pumps. This penis pump provides good suction and is easy to use. When I used it, I definitely enjoyed the experience. The penis pump increased my girth, and my cock overall looked more massive. I even let my girlfriend use the pump, and she got on quite the power trip. 

Using the Precision Pump before lovemaking not only increases my size, but I also tend to have more intense orgasms, so that’s an added bonus. I like the feeling of giving pleasure to my girlfriend with my biggest size possible. 

The Precision Pump might be too small for someone more well-endowed. For the design aspect, I feel clear glass would be preferable to get a better view of what’s going on inside the chamber. 

If you are interested in trying out a penis pump, the Precision Pump is a good starting point. For this price, you have nothing to lose. 

Classic XL Extender Pump $39.95

The Classic XL Extender Pump is made for larger-sized men. This is an extra-long, 11″ deep, 2.75″ wide penis pump. This penis pump arrives at your doorstep in a nice-looking package, no pun intended. The sleek design and overall presentation make you excited to try this pump. I’m not part of the men-with-big-penis club, but my member has some grith to it, so with other penis pumps, I often feel like I’m not able to take advantage of their full potential. 

Classic XL Extender Pump

Not so with the Classic XL Extender Pump; from only looking at it, I knew that this beast would leave plenty of room for growing. The design and function are simple and straightforward, something I appreciate. A soft silicone insertion sleeve assures you of an airtight fit, plus there’s a quick-release valve for when it’s time to withdraw from the penis pump.

You are using the Classic XL Extender Pump by squeezing the pump bulb. Through the clear black ABS plastic, you can watch your erection grow. After you’ve pumped up to full potential, you can take advantage of the included silicone penis ring to keep the result last longer. 

The Classic XL Extender Pump is not only good for pumping up a solid erection; you can also use this sex toy together with your favorite adult content. 

My Personal Experience

Time to put the Classic XL Extender Pump to the test. My girlfriend watched as I was pumping away. She was nice enough to say that it looked hot, seeing my swelling penis through the tinted glass. My size definitely increased, but maybe not as much as I would have liked. 

Classic XL Extender Pump

With the Classic XL Extender Pump, there was plenty of room to spare when my manhood had reached its full potential. Releasing the penis from the penis pump is a critical moment with any penis pump. This time it worked out fine. I asked my girlfriend to go and get the measurement stick, but she was too busy playing with my “improved” member. Afterward, she did say that I felt bigger than usual, and that’s always a nice thing to hear. 

Classic XL Extender Pump

A pro tip for a new user is to remember to take it slow when you pump. You want to enjoy the experience and give your body time to react to the pumping. There is a couple of things that could be improved with the Classic XL Extender Pump, the silicone sleeve is a standard girth, and since penises come in all sizes, the sleeve might not provide the optimal fit. With a hand-squeezed penis pump, you can’t reach the kind of suction you can achieve with other products on the market. Thus, you can’t be sure that your penis has reached its full potential. Having said that, I had a lot of fun playing around and experimenting with the Classic XL Extender Pump, both on my own and together with my girlfriend. 

I would recommend the Classic XL Extender Pump to someone wanting to try out the technology for the first time or someone who, like me have tried other penis pumps but wanted something a little bit more roomie. For the price, I say it is worth giving the Classic XL Extender Pump a try. 

Hydro7 Water Pump $109.95

There is a reason why this big beast of a penis pump is our featured product. With the Hydro7 Water Pump, you get the best technology out there. A hydro pump works faster and better than a normal penis pump by using water instead of air to create a powerful vacuum. Warm water naturally expands your blood vessels and improves blood flow to boost your member to a size never seen before. The water also helps even out the vacuum to expand all parts of your shaft equally, instead of just making your tip bigger. The quality and craftsmanship of the Hydro7 Water Pump is top-notch.

Despite its advanced technology, the penis pump is easy to use; just fill with water and insert your penis in the chamber. The warm water makes it much more soothing to use, and the materials used to create the Hydro7 Water Pump are very comfortable against the skin.

When you have done enough pumping, simply press firmly on the valve to break the vacuum seal and remove your penis. 

My Personal Experience

I was more than happy to oblige when I was asked to try out the Hydro7 Water Pump. I had heard claims of the Hydro pump invention being much more effective than the traditional penis pumps. 

Considering all technology that went into creating the Hydro7 Water Pump, it was surprisingly easy to use. I practiced on my own a couple of times. I also wanted to put the theory of overall growth to the test. I’m happy to report that I could observe a longer and more robust penis size after just a couple of uses. The use of water really does help provide a more even pump up for your entire penis.

When my girlfriend and I tried the penis pump for the first time, she was impressed. According to her, my penis had never looked bigger, and if that isn’t worth $109.95, I don’t know what is. After a couple of weeks, I was sold. 

I really appreciate the water technology. I do what I call penis enlargement exercise with the help of the Hydro7 Water Pump at the same time I’m taking my morning shower, multitasking at its finest. I also appreciate the clear glass; this makes tracking my progress easy. The measurement ruler on the side also helps.

One negative aspect of the Hydro7 Water Pump is that the pump is rather heavy, and there is no other way than to hold it the whole time you are pumping. Other than that, I like everything about this penis pump. I recommend the Hydro7 Water Pump for someone interested in investing in a premium penis pump. With this tool in your toolbox, you will significantly improve the blood flow to your penis, your erections will be much harder, and the enjoyment will be first class.

Now go ahead and tell me about your experience with male sex toys. Have you found your favorite, or are you still out there hunting for the ultimate experience? I appreciate hearing from my readers about their opinions. 

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