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Best Sex Swings: My Top Pick from AdamEve.com

Sex swings are for everyone. With the right sex swing, you can give your partner the sensation of floating in the air while enjoying new thrilling sex positions. Here are our 5 favorite sex swings from AdamEve.com.

If you have been longing to try sex swings, no need to hesitate anymore.

Sex swings nowadays are fun, easy to set up, and affordable. The right sex swing will help you find the best angle for deeper, more satisfying penetration. A sex swing also makes it possible to try out those hard to archive positions you have been fantasizing about. If these arguments don’t convince you, I can also tell you that a sex swing will give your partner a sensation of weightlessness. Having an orgasm while dangling mid-air is something they will never forget.  

If you are a man who likes to take charge in bed, a sex swing will be your new best friend. In sex swings, you can direct your partner to different positions, being in full control of her body and her pleasure. There are even sex swings with built-in restraints. 

Experimenting with sex swings will give you movements and positions that are different from your usual sexual routine. 

The only thing you will regret is not getting one sooner. 

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing $149.95 (On Sale) 

The Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing is a comfortable sex swing promising lots of fun right out of the box. The sex swing comes with fully adjustable, extra-wide nylon straps and padded supports for the back and butt. The biggest selling point of this sex swing is that it rotates 360 degrees. Perfect for spinning your partner around and having full access to their body. With the help of the Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing, you will be able to explore never before tried sex positions. If you are afraid of falling, or having your girl fall, no need to worry. The heavy-duty construction is safe and secure, and the material is of high quality. 

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing

You can adjust the height of the swing to suit your preference. The ability to adjust the swing means the possibility to enjoy deep penetration while at the same time, being able to stand comfortably. You can use the straps to push your partner away from you and then towards you. 

My Personal Experience

The sex swing arrived in a discreet packaging. Assembling a sex swing makes me nervous, but the Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing was easy to put up. We opted to install a hook in the ceiling of our bedroom. Not to brag, but with the help of a drill and a lather, I managed to get it done within 5 minutes. Make sure you do this step properly; mount it good and solid. You don’t want anyone falling down. 

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing

The sex swing looks sexy and decadent hanging from the ceiling. My girlfriend jumped right into the new adventure. She said it was comfortable and that she felt exposed in a good way. Having her in the sex swing certainly boosted my creativity. Over the next hour, we tried everything we could think of. She gave me oral sex; with her hanging in the swings, it was quite the experience. I gave her oral sex, and it was thrilling, so I strongly recommend giving this a try. 

We even changed roles so I could enjoy spending some time in the swings too. The feeling of being weightless was fun and, combined with the overall atmosphere, even sexy.  

For a longer session, this sex swing would need more straps and padding. Especially a neck-strap would be useful. You can also choose to mount the sex swing in a door frame, but when doing this, it’s harder to get the right length on the swing, and the doorframe restricts the movements of the swing. 

Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing


The Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing brings lots of fun to your bedroom experience. Seeing your girlfriend spinning around naked above the ground is hot. The sex swing is well made, and the price is reasonable. The Fetish Fantasy Spinning Swing works great for anyone interested in trying a sex swing. 

Fetish Fantasy Fantasy Door Swing $49.95

The Fetish Fantasy Fantasy Door Swing allows you to enjoy the feeling of a sex swing without having to use hardware or a drill. You put up the tubes over a door, and then you can start having fun. This sex swing is a truly affordable option for someone looking to try out a sex swing for the first time. Another bonus with this sex swing is that it is easy to take away and even easier to store somewhere discreet. It holds up to 300 pounds and comes with a free mask for added fun. 

My Personal Experience 

Fetish Fantasy Fantasy Door Swing×

Right out of the packet, this sex swing was ready to go, and I had no problem putting it up on our apartment door. I would have preferred the bedroom door, but I didn’t feel 100 percent sure that the doorframe would hold up. 

The sex swing comes with two heavy-duty adjustable harnesses and two durable acrylic tubes. Just drape the tubes over the top of the door opening, close the door and lock it. Since a lot of pressure will be put on the door frame, make sure the door frame is solid and well-constructed. 

My girlfriend enjoys having sex against a wall; she says the additional pressure is a turn on. I also often try to lift her up, more or less successfully. With the Fantasy Door Swing, we could combine those two moves. I knew she would be a big fan of this sex swing. 

Fetish Fantasy Fantasy Door Swing

The sex swing allowed me to go deep inside her and to focus on the thrusting instead of having to struggle to hold her up. My girlfriend said that she liked the deep penetration that was possible thanks to the sex swing. The different angles we could try out was also fun. We tried adding the mask that was included as a free gift, and that made the sex swing extra fun and naughty. 

On the flip side, it’s not the most comfortable sex swing around; the person in the swing must help by holding themselves up. So it might not be good for several hours of use. After 20 minutes, my girlfriend was ready to be liberated from the sex swing. Getting in and out is a bit difficult. My athletic girlfriend had no problem, but other people might have. 

Fetish Fantasy Fantasy Door Swing


If you don’t have enough space for a big swing, this sex swing is a good way to bring some action and variety to your sex life. It is easy to put up and equally easy to store away once you are done playing. Since the price is very affordable, this sex swing is also perfect for someone interested in trying out a sex swing for the first time. 

Fetish Fantasy Fantasy Door Swing

Don’t forget, the Fantasy Door Swing is portable, perfect for your next romantic getaway. 

Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing $49.95

Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing

The Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing is perfect for couples who want to experiment with new positions and difficult angles. This sex swing promises to make your wildest fantasy positions possible and even easy. The construction is straight forward and easy to understand. The padded seat keeps things comfortable. The sex swing is made from durable metal, nylon, and acrylic and supports up to 220 pounds.

To use it, just find a sturdy door. Toss the two capped anchors over the top of the door and close the door. The anchors will stay on the other side of the closed door as you play, keeping the swing in place. 

No special care is needed; just store away until you want to use the sex swing the next time. 

My Personal Experience

The sex swing arrived at my doorstep in a non-descriptive package; no need to worry about nosy neighbors. It took me less than five minutes to mount the swing and adjust the straps to suit my girlfriend. I’d recommend setting it up, having your partner sit in it, and adjust accordingly because it’ll shift with any type of weight. 

My girlfriend gave the swing a try; according to her, it was comfortable, and she appreciated the padding. 

The Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing gives you the possibility to try some naughty positions. I altered between pushing her against the door and swinging her towards me, pulling her in tightly with the help of the straps. 

When she was satisfied, I decided to give the swing a try. Climbing into the adjustable nylon straps, I felt like a kid again. But my girlfriend put a quick stop to that feeling; she got creative and used both a bondage tickler and a vibrator on me. 

On the negative side, this sex swing doesn’t technically “swing.” The whole experience is a little bit less relaxing than would be ideal because the person in the sling has to pull themself up and hold themself up. It can also feel awkward to sit on the sling with a door behind you. On top of this, the seat could use some more cushioning.


The Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing is a fun sex swing to switch things up. It’s quick to set up and take down whenever the mood strikes you. This feature also makes this particular sex swing a great solution for adults who want to have a sex swing but also need to be able to put it away. If you, for example, have kids, this sex swing is recommended because it is discreet. While this isn’t the most versatile swing available, it’s a great one to try to get a feeling for how sex with a sex swing can spice things up.  

What separates this sex swing from the previously mentioned Fantasy Door Swing is that Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing has a padded strap to sit on in between the two leg-spreading straps. This makes the Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing more comfortable and easier to use for a longer time than the previously mentioned sex swing. 

Sex swings are usually expensive, so if you are not sure if one is worth the money for you, start out with this sex swing to see if sex swings are your thing. 

Trinity 360 Spinning Sex Swing $159.95

For 360 degrees of swinging fun, I recommend the Trinity 360 Spinning Sex Swing. With this swing, you can really explore many unusual positions. The spinning mechanism allows you to switch between different positions fast and easy. There is nothing that holds back your kinky fantasies. You get the support you need from the adjustable back, butt, and leg straps, all of them comfortably cushioned. There is also a metal bar to hold on to while the fun is going on. 

Trinity 360 Spinning Sex Swing

When you are done playing, take down the sex swing and wipe it down with a damp cloth. The hook in the ceiling can be hidden behind a false fire alarm. You do need a larger area to have space for the 360 degrees spinning of the swing. You don’t want to bump into something in the middle of hard-swinging. 

My Personal Experience 

This bad boy of a sex swing arrived in a discreet box. I did the unboxing, and the first impression was good, the swing looked sturdy and well-made, and the padding in the straps looked like they were going to be comfortable for hours. In addition to this, I was relieved to discover that the Trinity 360 Spinning Sex Swing comes fully assembled. To set it up, all you need to do is install a hook. Make sure you screw it into a beam. The swing comes with detailed directions and heavy-duty mounting hardware. 

Trinity 360 Spinning Sex Swing

My girlfriend had been out for the duration of the installation, and she was beyond ecstatic, just looking at the swing. That’s exactly the kind of positive reinforcement you need for your new expensive sex toy. She jumped into the swing, and we started experimenting. 

My girlfriend said the swing was extremely comfortable and very supportive. She really did feel the sensation of effortless hanging in the air. So this swing delivers better weightless sensations than cheaper swings do. My girlfriend also loved that it spins 360 degrees around.

Working your way around this sex swing is surprisingly easy. In many of the more classic sex positions, you actually need to do less work and can focus more on the enjoyment or on touching her at the places she likes. The swing is helping with the thrusting by, you guessed it, swinging back and forth. This swing makes every movement more fluid, and this feels very erotic, almost like you are starring in a movie. Perhaps, a sexy movie in space. My girlfriend even managed to put herself upside down with the help of this sex swing, and she said that the feeling was amazing. 

Trinity 360 Spinning Sex Swing

We also tried positioned ourselves in front of a mirror, something I recommend. The mirror gives you even more ideas for what you can do with the sex swing. 


Although it is quite expensive, the product is of superb quality and easy to set up. With this sex swing and a bit of creativity, you can have fun for hours. If you need more convincing, let me just tell you that orgasming while being suspended in the air is a blast, both for my girl and me. 

Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing $199.95

What sets the Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing apart from other sex swings is the top-notch quality and the built-in restraints. Having this sex swing in your home will allow you to make your bedroom games kinkier than ever. You can restrain your partner in the sex swing in the position you want them to be in. Not only that, this sex swing is built to support up to 350 pounds, so now everyone can enjoy the fun. 

Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing

With the help of this sex swing, you can experiment with new sex positions while at the same time being safe and comfortable. The sex swing is made with metal chains, a tension spring, and nylon straps. The tension spring gives the sex swing extra bounciness. Four adjustable restraints are also included, so if you like a bit (or a lot) of bondage, this sex swing is the right choice for you. Another big plus is that there are directions and a position sheet included to help you get started. This sex swing is guaranteed to boost your bedroom creativity. 

My Personal Experience

You can mount this sex swing to the ceiling, or you can use a sex swing stand. Sex swing stands are sold separately and are a good idea if you don’t want to put a hook in your celling. 

Since I already had a sex swing hook, all I had to do was unpack the discreet box and put up the sex swing. My girlfriend climbed into the swing, and I adjusted the straps and height to suit her; this was easily done. 

The adjustable Velcro restraints feature metal chains and clips so that you can restrain your partner to the position of your choice. For comfort, the four restraints have padding. My girlfriend tried the restraints; they fit her well and was comfortable to use. 

The white color might not be the best for keeping the sex swing clean, but it sure looks incredibly sexy hanging from the ceiling. My girlfriend straight away noted how pleasant the swing felt. The construction of the swinging mechanism felt really high quality, and this helped to give her that amazing feeling of floating in the air. 

If you wonder where you would start, I can tell you that standing while she is cuffed to the swing is incredibly sensual. You don’t have to carry her weight on your back or legs as you would have to if you were in a bed. This makes you really focused on her pleasure and on enjoying the fun.  

Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing

The swing comes with a number of strategically placed metal rings that you can clip the wrist and ankle restraints too, restraining your partner and creating exotic sex positions. It’s an incredible sensation to feel almost weightless but at the same time experience the sharp tug of the restraints on your wrists and ankles. 

Fetish Fantasy Bondage Swing

It is also fun to take turns in the swing. I liked being in the sex swing while she played with me. I strongly recommend giving this a go. 

Another pro tip is to put your girlfriend in the swing and sit in a chair underneath her. With this technique, you get full access to her lady bits, but without any pressure on your face. 

The swing could do with a headrest and a little more padding on the seat, but apart from that, it is a sex toy to cherish for years to come. 


For anyone interested in a sex swing with the added bonus of restraints, this is definitely the winner. This sex swing looks incredibly sexy, not something that’s the case with a lot of sex swings. If you are planning on inviting other people to join the fun, this is the sex swing that will impress them the most. If the swing just for you and your partner, you will have a lot of thrilling sex, enjoying this masterpiece in private. The feeling of floating you get from this swing is amazing. This sex swing is very reasonably priced for the amazing quality and the craftsmanship.

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