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Four of the Very Best Dildos of 2020… For All Cummers

The year may be drawing to a close, but with the best realistic dildos from Adam and Eve in your toy-box, you’ll be cumming all the way into 2021 and beyond.

The sex-toy market is booming. There are all sorts of gizmos and gadgets available to consumers, but the dildo remains a tried-and-true favorite, and there are loads out there to choose from. With so many dildos on the market, however, how can you decide which is the best option for you?

I’m here to make your dildo shopping experience a whole lot easier, with my review of the four very best dildos of 2020. These four Adam and Eve dildos represent the very best realistic dildos available, from the best basic suction cup dildos to the best of the big dildos for size Queens and Kings; the best HUGE dildo for size-fiends for whom there is no such thing as too full, and the amazing Accommodator double penetrator dildo- the perfect dildo for those who enjoy the dual stimulation of double penetration.

So, for those of you who don’t already know who Adam and Eve are, they are America’s number one adult toy supplier, with over 45 years in the business. They’ve satisfied over 12 million customers with their discreet billing and shipping, and they are exactly the right people to-go-to when it comes to all of your sex toy wants and needs.

In my review of the best dildos of 2020, I’ll be looking at four of their most realistic dildos; the super-flexible All-American Whopper 6.5 inch Dong, the Accommodator Dual Penetrator dildo, the Adam’s True Feel XL giant dildo, and the Basic 7 Realistic Dildo. So, without any further ado, let’s get started…

The All American Whopper 6.5 Inch Dong

The All American Whopper Dong is a real skin, real feel dildo, measuring 6.5 inches in length in total, with 5.5 inches of insertable length and 1.5 inches of girth. It features lots of raised veins, which add plenty of texture during insertion and penetration, and a superbly molded crown with a pronounced lip, plus a uniquely sculpted, curved, and flexible shaft that targets the g-spot exceptionally well. Made of PVC with realistic balls and a suction cup for hands-free play, it’s harness-compatible and comes in two life-life flesh colors: white and brown.

All American Whopper 6.5 Inch Dong

Obviously when my All American Whopper dildo arrived, I was eager to get my brand new toy ready for action, so I was pleased to find that the packaging on the whopper dildo is really simple- just pop open the moulded plastic casing, and let the fun times begin. 

All American Whopper 6.5 Inch Dong

I used water-based lube, as silicone-based lubricants can be damaging to the toy’s skin. The real-feel was very noticeable, and it felt almost as good as the real thing. The moderate length and girth of the Whopper meant that it wasn’t too big, so I could use it comfortably both for vaginal and anal penetration. The All American Whopper Dong would make a great beginner’s toy for people who are new to sex toys, too. The suction cup was strong, and the dildo was easy to attach to a chair and also to the wall for some doggy-style penetration, both of which felt amazing with the Whopper dildo.

Clean up and aftercare for the All American Whopper Dong is simple. I just used warm (but not too hot) water and a little soap, and allowed it to dry before storing it away for next time. Importantly, in order to avoid any damage to the dildo, I made sure to store the American Whopper Dong away from my other toys by returning it to its original packaging.

The All American Whopper 6.5 Inch Dong


A great value sex-toy at under USD $30, I think the All American Whopper 6.5 inch Dong would be an ideal real feel dildo for beginners and aficionados alike. You can use it in a variety of ways, whether you enjoy vaginal or anal penetration, manual or hands-free riding, or role-swapping and pegging with the use of a harness, so you get great value for money with this realistic suction cup dildo.

Accommodator Dual Penetrator

Accommodator Dual Penetrator

The Accommodator Dual Penetrator is a really innovative double penetrator dildo, with a unique design made from a durable and firm TPR, or thermoplastic rubber, a material with a lightly textured shaft for added stimulation. It is a slim, penis-shaped dildo that slips over the penis (or another dildo), and allows both vaginal and anal penetration at the same time, or double-vaginal penetration for a very fulfilling (or should that be “full-feeling”) experience. So it was the perfect dildo for realizing all my DP fantasies without the need for me and my lover to invite a third person into the bedroom. 

The Accommodator measures 5.25 inches in insertable length, with a girth of 1 inch, so it is a good length while still being compact enough for comfortable anal penetration. It features two rings at its base which help not only to keep the dildo securely in place during the heat of the action, but also function like a cock ring and, additionally, a scrotum ring, thus helping to maintain a strong concentration of blood in the penis for a thicker and harder erection and to help delay ejaculation.

When it came to the packaging (which is always discreet and secure whenever you buy from Adam and Eve), the Accommodator DP dildo arrived well-protected and hygienically contained in a moderately-sized box, with the double penetrator dildo itself wrapped within a plastic pocket for additional protection. It also comes with an easy-to-follow instruction sheet showing how to fit the dildo so it fits snuggly and securely whether to a penis or another dildo or penetrating sex-toy.

Accommodator Dual Penetrator

Fitting the Accommodator dildo to the penis and also to another sex toy was very easy. I tried the Accommodator dildo with both, and with the addition of a little bit of lube the Accommodator dildo’s rings slipped in place without any fuss, or discomfort for my partner. The Accommodator double penetrator dildo is waterproof, and can also be used with both water-based and silicone-based lubricants, which is really useful when it comes to anal penetration in particular (because unlike the vagina, the anus can’t self-lubricate) so my partner and I made sure to enhance the pleasure and the comfort with lots of silicone-based lube.

The Accommodator DP dildo is not overly big, so it’s not going to stretch the receiving party too excessively. As someone who has always loved the thought of double-penetration but never tried it before, it was the perfect size for me, though size Queens and Kings, or people who are very experienced in double-penetration play, may not find it filling enough to really satisfy their DP needs. However, for beginner or intermediate play, this DP dildo really fits the bill. With both shafts inserted vaginally, I felt a wonderful sensation of fullness. With my partner’s penis penetrating me vaginally and the penetrator dildo attachment inserted anally, the simultaneously built a lot of sensual friction and pressure, as I could feel the sensation of the two heads rubbing against each other against my internal walls. Moreover, we were able to really go hard with the Accommodator dildo because its sturdy build makes it a very durable dildo. 

Once my partner and I were fully sated, the Accommodator Dual Penetrator dildo was easy to clean with some warm water and antibacterial soap, then left to dry, before we stored it away with the other toys.


This is such a unique and cleverly designed dildo. With its 5.25 inches of insertable length and 1-inch width, and a penis-shaped tip for easier insertion, the Accommodator Dual Penetrator’s dimensions make it an ideal anal dildo- it’s not so hefty as to be intimidating, yet it still providing enough girth and texture to create delicious friction against the walls of the anus. It is also flexible enough to be used for double-vaginal penetration as well, and with its durability and, at USD$24.95, exceptionally good value, this double penetrator dildo has been a very welcome addition to my sexy toy-box.

Adam’s True Feel XL 

Next up in my review of the best dildos of 2020 is the giant dildo, Adam’s True Feel XL. This huge, real feel dildo is the perfect toy for size Queens like me for whom, sometimes at least, size really does matter! 

Adam's True Feel XL

Adam’s True Feel XL is an impressively big dildo! It is made from a thermoplastic elastomer material, which makes it very durable, flexible, and so realistic. The strong suction cup base enables it to be attached to hard, flat-surfaces for secure hands-free riding and, likewise, it is compatible with all strap-on harnesses. It comes with a five-year guarantee, which is a real testament to the sturdiness and excellent quality of this huge dildo. 

As you would expect, Adam’s True Feel XL dildo arrived in a very large outer box and an inner plastic case with a lid to keep the toy secured and hygienically sealed inside. Upon first removing it from its packaging, I was completely awe-struck not only by the dildo’s length and girth, but by how incredibly beautiful it looks, how wonderfully weighty it feels to the touch, and how soft and flexible yet firm and sturdy this dildo really is, and I was positively aching to try it out! I simply slathered on some lube (you should always use water-based lubricant only with this dildo, (as other lubes will deteriorate the toy’s real-feel outer skin and lead to damage) and proceeded to get well and truly full-filled!

Adam's True Feel XL

Like I said, I’m an experienced size-Queen, but with its whopping 10.5 inches in length (8 inches insertable) and a very girthy two inches wide, Adam’s True Feel XL dildo really filled me up more than any other XL dildo I’ve ever used before. Moreover, this extra-large beast of a dildo has an incredibly lifelike design, with a fleshy and flexible outer skin that feels so soft, and a denser inner core, which keeps it feeling full and solid on the inside. With the realistically sculpted veins, head and balls, this dildo feels just like a real- and huge- erect cock. 

I, personally, couldn’t even contemplate using Adam’s True Feel XL dildo anally, but if you’re really very experienced with anal play and are keen to try, I would definitely recommend doing a lot of stretching and preparation beforehand, and keeping yourself and ‘Adam’ very well lubricated throughout use, as it really is one impressively big dildo. Even as an experienced user of large dildos, I find that keeping both ‘Adam’ and myself covered in lots of lubricant during play is essential!

After use, Adam’s True Feel XL dildo is super-easy to clean, and both mild soap and water or a gentle toy cleaner work do an equally good job. Rinse it thoroughly and pat it dry, making sure it has fully dried before packing it away back into its secure casing to keep it clean and fresh and protect its silky outer skin. If you enjoy a giant real-feel dildo, then trust me, you’ll be coming back to Adam’s True Feel XL dildo again and again!

Adam's True Feel XL


This has become one of my favorite dildos ever, and I really recommend it for everyone who wants to feel totally full. Adam’s True Feel XL is a phenomenal giant of a dildo, not just in terms of its size, but its quality, durability, and incredibly realistic feel. Its beautiful design, its soft outer layer, and its firm inner core make it look and feel amazing, and, being made from TPE, the dildo warms up quickly inside you, making it feel just like being penetrated by a real, big, throbbing erection. At a retail price of USD$69.95, it is incredibly good value for such a high-quality, thick, long, and meaty dildo, making Adam’s True Feel XL dildo the perfect toy for anyone who wants to be completely and utterly filled up!

Basic 7 Realistic Dildo

Finally, to complete my review of the four very best realistic dildos of 2020, let’s turn to the Basic 7 Realistic Dildo. And rest assured that when it comes to quality, design, and great value for money, last certainly does not mean least! 

Basic 7 Realistic Dildo

The Basic 7 Realistic Dildo is made from smooth and durable PVC and is body-safe certified, so you can play with this dildo with confidence. It features a strong suction cup at its base which sticks well to smooth, flat surfaces such as chairs, floors, tables, showers, and toilet seats, and I found that I could ride away for ages without the suction being lost. In addition, it is compatible with most harnesses which is great if you and your partner are planning some strap-on action. In fact, the stiff and straight shaft of the Basic 7 Realistic Dildo would make it an ideal toy for harnesses, as it is rigid enough to maintain its forward angle without the wearer having to support or hold the dildo in position with their hands- which will be a huge plus when it comes to harness-play and pegging. 

The shaft of the Basic 7 dildo is molded with thick veins all around it circumference, which gives it a realistic feel and appearance and leads to plenty of stimulation to the vaginal or anal walls upon penetration. Likewise, the pronounced lip at the top of the shaft and leading to the smooth curve of the head is nicely shaped and it produced a really enjoyable friction against my g-spot, without being too thick or heavily-ridged. 

Basic 7 Realistic Dildo

While the balls on the Basic 7 Realistic Dildo are perhaps a little on the smaller side when compared to the American Whopper 6.5 Inch Dong and Adam’s True Feel XL dildo, the soft finish on the Basic 7 makes the scrotum smooth and silky to the touch, which adds to the lifelike and realistic feel.

Measuring 7.75 inches in total length from the tip of its crown down to the base of its suction cup, the Basic 7 Realistic Dildo has 5.5 inches of insertable length, with a width of 1.5 inches. It would make a great starter dildo for anyone who is new to playing with sex-toys, and it’s an ideal anal dildo for newbies and experienced anal aficionados alike. Waterproof for fun in the bath or the shower, the Basic 7 Realistic dildo can be used with both water-based and silicone-based lubricants, which again makes it a great choice for anal penetration. 

Intimate Earth Green-Tea Tree Oil Foaming Toy Cleaner

The packaging for the Basic 7 dildo is simple and, well, basic. The dildo comes packaged in a molded plastic casing that pops open quickly and easily. Upon first releasing the dildo from the plastic packaging, there was a slight plastic smell, but I simply give it a good clean before use with Adam and Eve’s Intimate Earth Green-Tea Tree Oil Foaming Toy Cleaner (USD$14.95), which is safe for use on all types of sex toy materials as well as being completely safe for sensitive skin, dried it off gently, then gave it a good coating with a water-based lube (silicone-lube can be used on this dildo as well). That done, the Basic 7 Realistic Dildo then smelled fresh and clean and ready for use.

Upon using the Basic 7 dildo, I found that its dimensions are, as Goldilocks might say, “not too big, not too small, but just right.” The dildo’s length and girth are highly satisfying, yet at the same time they wouldn’t be too cumbersome for inexperienced users to enjoy, whether you’re using it vaginally or anally. It’s also a great size for anyone wanting to practice their oral sex skills, as its soft, real feel and firm but flexible design mean there’s less   uncomfortable friction on your lips and tongue while you hone your blow-job technique.

As mentioned above, cleaning the Basic 7 Realistic Dildo was quick and easy with some mild soap and warm water or a gentle wash with a good quality sex-toy cleaner and a thorough rinse. As per the care instructions, I dried the dildo with a lint-free cloth to keep it in excellent condition and, when it was fully dried, popped it into a sex-toy storage bag and into a drawer.


With its unobtrusive though still impressive dimensions, its durable PVC construction, and its silky soft outer skin combined with a firm yet flexible sturdiness, the Basic 7 Realistic Dildo would make a great choice if you’re looking for a beginner’s dildo, a lifelike anal dildo, or just a robust and realistic basic suction cup dildo with real feel balls that’s ideal for regular use. At a retail price of USD$22.95, it’s fantastic value, and its sturdy simplicity makes it a worthy addition to round up my review of four of the very best, most realistic dildos of 2020.

So there you have it; four fantastic real feel dildos from Adam and Eve, encompassing something for all cummers, whether you’re looking for a great starter dildo, an ideal anal dildo, a dildo designed especially for double-penetration play, or a giant dildo that made this reviewer as though she’d been stuffed like the turkey at Thanksgiving Dinner. With each toy in my  “best of 2020” dildo review offering great quality, hardy design, realistic feel and terrific value for money, I am confident that any one of these four dildos will keep you feeling sexy and satisfied all through the rest of the year, and into 2021 and beyond!

Don’t forget to leave a comment! Have you tried one of these Four Best Realistic Dildos of 2020? How did you find it? I want to hear all about your sex toy adventures. Tell me all about your experiences, share your opinion, or just leave some feedback by visiting the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you!

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