Unleashing Pleasure: A Guide to Finding the Best Adam and Eve Products

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Adam & Eve products have long been synonymous with pleasure and sexual exploration. With their wide range of adult toys and intimate accessories, Adam & Eve has become a trusted name in the industry. However, with such an extensive selection, finding the best Adam & Eve products for your desires can be daunting. This comprehensive guide will explore effective strategies to help you navigate the world of Adam & Eve products and discover the perfect items to enhance your pleasure.

Understand Your Needs and Desires
Before embarking on your search for the best Adam & Eve products, it’s crucial to understand your own needs and desires. Take some time for self-reflection and consider what you’re looking to explore or enhance in your intimate experiences. Whether it’s clitoral stimulation, G-spot pleasure, couples’ play, or any other specific desire, having clarity on your preferences will guide you in selecting the right products.

Couples Looking for Adam & Eve Products

Research and Educate Yourself
To find the best Adam & Eve products, it’s essential to arm yourself with knowledge. Take advantage of the abundant resources available online, such as product reviews, user testimonials, and expert recommendations. Familiarize yourself with different product categories, including vibrators, dildos, anal toys, lubricants, bondage gear, and more. The more you educate yourself, the better equipped you’ll be to make informed decisions about the products that align with your desires.

Utilize the Adam & Eve Website
The official Adam & Eve website is an excellent starting point for finding the best products.

Here are some tips to make the most of your search:

  • Browse Categories: Explore the various categories and subcategories available on the Adam & Eve website. This will help you narrow down your options and focus on the specific types of products that interest you.
  • Read Product Descriptions: Dive into the detailed product descriptions provided for each item. Pay attention to features, materials, dimensions, and functionalities to determine if they align with your desires and preferences.
  • Watch Product Videos: Adam & Eve often include product videos demonstrating their items’ features and functionality. These videos can provide valuable insights into how the products work and their potential benefits.
  • Consider User Reviews: Take note of user reviews and ratings for each product. While personal experiences may vary, reading reviews can give you a general idea of how others have enjoyed the product and whether it met their expectations.
Adam & Eve Product Reviews

Seek Recommendations
Don’t be afraid to seek recommendations from trusted sources. Reach out to friends, online communities, or forums dedicated to adult toys and pleasure. Engaging in conversations with others who have experience with Adam & Eve products can provide valuable insights and help you discover hidden gems you may have overlooked.

Visit Physical Stores or Attend Adult Expos
If you prefer a hands-on approach, consider visiting physical adult stores that carry Adam & Eve products. The advantage of visiting a store is the opportunity to see and touch the products before purchasing. Additionally, attending adult expos or trade shows can give you a chance to explore a wide variety of Adam & Eve products in one place, often with the opportunity to speak with knowledgeable representatives who can offer guidance and recommendations.

Trying Adam & Eve Products

Experiment and Explore
Finding the best Adam & Eve products often involves a degree of experimentation. Understand that personal preferences vary greatly; what works for others may not necessarily work for you. Be open to trying new things and exploring different types of products. Start with options that align with your preferences, but don’t hesitate to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. You’ll discover the products that truly resonate with your desires through experimentation.

When you do find the best Adam & Eve products to buy, make sure to use coupon code BLOG50 at checkout to get 50% OFF on almost any of your favorite sex toys, plus Free Discreet Shipping and a Free Mystery Gift!

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Spice Up Your Bedroom and Save Big with Coupon Codes at Adam & Eve

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In today’s fast-paced world, finding ways to save money is always a welcome opportunity. Whether it’s for everyday essentials or exciting indulgences, coupon codes can make a significant difference in your budget. One area where you can enjoy both savings and a boost of excitement is in the bedroom. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can save substantial money while adding a dash of spice to your intimate experiences by using coupon codes at www.adamandeve.com.

Discover the Benefits of Coupon Codes
Coupon codes are a fantastic tool for savvy shoppers looking to make the most of their online purchases. These codes offer exclusive discounts, promotions, and deals that can significantly reduce the cost of your order. Coupon codes allow you to save money, receive free gifts, and enjoy other perks that enhance your overall shopping experience.

Unveiling Adam & Eve
Adam & Eve is a renowned online retailer specializing in adult products, including toys, lingerie, accessories, and more. With a wide range of options designed to cater to diverse interests and preferences, Adam & Eve is a one-stop shop for those looking to add excitement to their intimate moments.

How to Access Coupon Codes
To unlock significant savings and enticing freebies at Adam & Eve, knowing how to find and use coupon codes is crucial. On this site we share with you the best Adam & Eve coupon codes we have found!

Maximizing Your Savings
Adam & Eve offers various coupon codes that can help you save up to 50% off your order. Additionally, these codes often come with enticing bonuses like free shipping and free gifts and free shipping. By following these strategies, you can make the most of your savings:

🌟 Embrace Your Desires: Save Big with Coupon Code HUGE100! Enjoy 50% Off, Free Shipping, and Complimentary Digital Movies! 🌟 Immerse yourself in the joy of FREE movies! These captivating films are sure to create the ideal ambiance for your enjoyment. Don’t let this amazing offer slip away!

Ignite the 🔥 Spark of Passion with Coupon Code “GETLAID“! Enjoy a tempting 50% discount, complimentary shipping, and a charming Romance Kit! If you share our deep appreciation for romance ❤️, this coupon is crafted just for you. Awaken the flame and embark on an unforgettable voyage of passion and intimacy.

🌟 Embrace Your Alluring Persona with Coupon Code “PLAYME“! 🌟 Delight in a remarkable 50% discount, free shipping 🚚, and an extraordinary surprise gift! Dive into the exhilaration of uncovering the mystery gift upon placing your order. Unleash your seductive side today! 💫

🔥 Unlock the perfect equation of saving money and igniting your passion with an incredible 50% discount and free shipping. Simply use the exclusive coupon code “SEX101” to indulge in a world of pleasure without worrying about the costs. Don’t miss out on this scorching opportunity to enhance your intimate experiences and embrace the satisfaction you truly deserve! 🔥

Enhancing Your Bedroom Experience
With the money you save using coupon codes, you can spice up your bedroom experience by exploring new products and experiences. Consider adding a variety of toys, lingerie, massage oils, or other adult accessories to your collection. Experimenting with new items can help you and your partner discover new sensations and ignite the flame of passion.

Saving money while adding excitement to your intimate life is possible with coupon codes from Adam & Eve. Following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can unlock substantial discounts, free shipping, and exciting gifts. Take advantage of this site’s coupon codes, explore a world of pleasure, and enhance your connection with your partner. Always prioritize consent, communication, and respect in all your intimate endeavors.

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Unlock Big Savings and Exciting Surprises with Coupon Codes from Adam & Eve!

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Welcome to the exciting world of Adam & Eve, the renowned online retailer that caters to adults seeking pleasurable experiences and intimate products. In this article, we will dive into the realm of coupon codes, unveiling incredible discounts, free discreet shipping, and enticing free gifts available for you at Adam & Eve. Get ready to enhance your shopping experience and unlock remarkable savings!

1. The Power of Coupon Codes:

Coupon codes serve as valuable tools to help savvy shoppers save big. At Adam & Eve, these codes offer a gateway to a world of amazing deals, ensuring your desires are met without breaking the bank. By utilizing these codes, you can enjoy significant discounts, free discreet shipping, and even receive captivating free gifts to enhance your pleasure.

2. Discover the 50% Off Coupon Codes:

One of the most exciting types of coupon codes available at Adam & Eve is the coveted 50% off discount. Imagine being able to indulge in your desires while paying only half the price! These codes unlock substantial savings on a wide range of products, from adult toys to sensual lingerie. Keep an eye out for these codes to enjoy unmatched discounts on your favorite items.

3. The Perks of Free Discreet Shipping:

Adam & Eve understands the importance of privacy when it comes to intimate purchases. That’s why they offer free discreet shipping, ensuring your package arrives in plain packaging, safeguarding your confidentiality. Many coupon codes provide the added bonus of complimentary discreet shipping, allowing you to enjoy your shopping experience with peace of mind.

4. Exciting Free Gifts to Spice Things Up:

In addition to incredible discounts and discreet shipping, Adam & Eve coupon codes often come with free gifts to add an extra element of surprise to your order. These gifts can range from sensual toys to arousing accessories, providing an opportunity to explore new sensations and enhance your intimate moments.

5. How to Unlock the Savings:

Don’t miss out on this amazing chance! Discover an exceptional assortment of exclusive coupon codes waiting for you at adamandeve.com. Act swiftly because these codes are in high demand and won’t be available for long. Seize this golden opportunity without delay!

🔥 Cut Down on Expenses and Ignite Your Passion! Enjoy a 50% Discount and Free Shipping with Coupon Code “PAIR50“! 🔥 This reliable code is applicable to a wide range of products on our site, perfect for pairing two toys and enhancing your experience. Don’t miss out!

🌟 Embrace Your Alluring Persona with Coupon Code “VIBES“! 🌟 Experience a remarkable 50% discount, free shipping, and an extraordinary surprise gift! Indulge in the excitement of discovering the mystery gift by placing your order. This code is applicable to a wide variety of products, especially ideal for all vibrating toys. Unleash your seductive side today!

🌟 Kindle the Flame of Passion with Coupon Code “DRIP“! 🌟 Receive an enticing 50% discount, free shipping, and a delightful Romance Kit! If you share our love for romance, this coupon is tailor-made for you. Ignite the spark and experience a memorable journey of passion and intimacy.

🌟 Embrace Your Desires: Use Coupon Code LGBTQ for Lesbian and Gay Products – 50% Off, Free Shipping, and Complimentary Digital Movies! 🌟 Indulge in the pleasure of FREE movies! These captivating films are guaranteed to set the perfect mood for you. Don’t miss out on this incredible offer!

Unlocking incredible savings, discreet shipping, and exciting free gifts is just a few clicks away with the coupon codes available at Adam & Eve. By harnessing the power of these codes, you can indulge in your desires while keeping your budget intact. Start saving today and elevate your intimate experiences with Adam & Eve’s coupon codes!

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BDSM Gear: Be Inventive with the Best Five Bondage Sex Toys

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The fact that sales of BDSM gear have risen, it is no wonder that the bondage sex toy industry will not be going bust any time soon!

With lockdown restrictions applied in the majority of places, it is easy to see why indoor fun has become such a primary concern. The mental strain imposed on us by not getting enough quality outdoor leisure opportunities means that many people are seeking other ways to de-stress. It is extremely important to prioritize self-care in order to keep our bodies and minds positive. In light of this, and the fact that sales of BDSM gear have risen, it is no wonder that the bondage sex toy industry will not be going bust any time soon!

bondage gear

I am certainly known for my outside antics. In the past, sexy fun for me has involved being tied to a five-bar gate and blindfolded while my partner uses my mouth for his own pleasure, as well as being secured to a beam in the hayloft and whipped or spanked. Ah, memories. Nowadays, because this kind of activity is not possible, we have had to get inventive with our pleasure-seeking and bring the sexy fun and frolics indoors. And who better to help ramp up the heat than sex toy retailer Adam & Eve with some of their best-selling BDSM gear?

Why Adam and Eve? If you are not familiar with this sex toy brand, please let me explain the reasons I believe you should trust the company and their products. In a marketplace busy with relative novices, Adam and Eve have been in business for half a century. Their demonstrable success and staying-power make them a firm to take seriously as a sex toy provider that puts the customer’s pleasure-seeking first and last. Because Adam & Eve is so committed to providing a great shopping experience for their customers, they also have an online sex therapist ready to offer advice or answer any sex-related questions.


An important selling point for me is the fact Adam & Eve values everyone’s privacy highly. Packaging, shipping, and billing are all extremely discreet. The customer can feel confident they will not need to worry about their nearest and dearest – or nosey, next-door neighbor – finding out how they choose to seek their thrills.

BDSM gear is my specialty. Such products provide a way to set the scene for some really kinky sessions. In my opinion, bondage kits are not about getting off – instead, they are more about the journey, the fun achieved during the sexy role-play action. If the result of the session is an orgasm, all well and good. But the real enjoyment comes from the roller coaster ride you get along the way.

bdsm gear

So without further ado, let’s take a look at five of the best BDSM gear products that you can purchase at the Adam & Eve store.

One – Under The Bed Restraint System 

I have to say this BDSM bondage restraint kit is right up my street. I was impressed immediately at how easy the nylon BDSM bed straps were to set up. By following the simple instructions, the kit quickly fitted into place without any need whatsoever for a headboard. 

Under The Bed Restraint System×

My partner ordered me to strip naked and lay down on my front. Spread-eagling my arms and legs in this position, I was all ready for my wrists and ankles to be bound to each corner of the bed. I am tall, but we found the straps very easy to adjust and made the necessary alterations. This meant I could be tethered as taut or as relaxed, as desired. Then, my wrists and ankles were secured using the velcro fasteners on the comfortably-padded cuffs.

Under The Bed Restraint System

I should add that if you want to change things up or down a little, the cuffs can easily be detached from the BDSM bed straps. Once separated, they are available to be used in a few different ways. Such as creating a hands-free play situation.

Reflecting back on the sexy BDSM bondage action, I totally enjoyed being restrained. The equipment meant I could not freely move around or dictate what direction the scene would take. I am generally submissive in the bedroom but sometimes find myself taking the driving seat. However, I would rather sexual decisions be made for me. The bondage restraints worked particularly well as they prevented me from having any real say in the evening’s proceedings. My man remained the boss all the way through while I was left to trust he would pick action we would both get a kick out of. He commented that it was great to have me stretched out at his disposal. It certainly worked for our dynamic.

Under The Bed Restraint System

Verdict for the Under The Bed Restraint System

Overall, at just over $50, this restraint system would make an ideal starter BDSM bondage kit. Cleverly designed for quick, simple usage, you’ll be getting a lot of bang for your bucks. What’s more, it is very versatile and also easy to pack away under the mattress. It can be your little secret.

Two – Hot Tie & Cuff Set

Hot Tie & Cuff Set

If you like a bit of comfort thrown into your BDSM activities, then this bondage cuff for couples set could prove ideal. The equipment is made of strong nylon material, adjustable, and padded – so you won’t find yourself having to explain away embarrassing post-submission wrist-marks to your work colleagues.

Each sexy cuff has a metal clip attached, which means the Hot Tie & Cuff Set can be used in a variety of ways. For adventurous couples, the submissive can kneel with ankle cuffs secured, and their arms are fastened behind their back using the wrist cuffs. Then, the ankles and wrists can be clipped together to the main hogtie connector. This is quite a heavy-duty ring and I suspect it’s not easily breakable. Tethered in this way, the submissive is really at the mercy of their partner, and a lot of serious BDSM bondage fun can be played out.

Hot Tie & Cuff Set

I am certainly adventurous, but as an older woman, I’m not quite flexible enough to be shackled as in the above scene. However, I did enjoy sitting naked on a chair, my ankles secured to each wooden leg with wrists linked behind my back. All the while, my partner made sure he held my head in place for his sexual entertainment. We both can recommend that position!

Verdict for the Hot Tie & Cuff Set

If you are after a kinky cuff set to add to your BDSM gear collection, then I think these will fit the bill nicely. At nearly $50 they are durable, comfy, and easy to pack away. They would work really well for the couple who travel. The cuff set will fit discreetly in your luggage, providing the perfect opportunity to take a piece of bondage lifestyle along to the holiday location.

Three – Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator 

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

When thinking about bondage sex toys, the g-spot rabbit vibrator may not immediately come into your mind. But I am here to assure you all greedy good girls need to be satisfied inside and out. And this fifty-shades vibrator can certainly meet that specification.

Once unpacked, the sex toy looks, well – long. At nine and a half inches, the g-spot rabbit vibrator feels great in your hand. The satin smoothness of this particular fifty shades vibrator is glorious. I warn you, just the sight and touch of it will trigger an immediate urge to drop everything and get down and dirty with the vibrator. The temptation is overwhelming. But stop! You need to be patient and remember ‘good girls’ must charge their rabbit fully to get maximum enjoyment from their toy.

The product comes with a USB charger-cable and can be plugged into any powered USB port. After about two hours, for a full charge, you can take the g-spot rabbit out for a run.

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

As I said above, a good girl deserves her sexual needs to be met. What better way for this to happen than for the dominant and rabbit to team up and deliver the reward a good greedy girl deserves. My partner always enjoys bringing the vibrator into play as part of a BDSM bondage session. Typically, he will take his time restraining me until I’m trussed and held exactly the way he prefers. One thing always leads to another. Let me explain: The sight of me bound and there to be used excites him. And the anticipation in his eyes gets my juices flowing. Whipping and spanking me invariably makes him hard. So after he has sprayed his jizz over my face and mouth, he likes to reward his good girl by giving her some pleasure with our sex toy of choice.

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

By this stage in our kinky engagements, I am usually ultra-ready for some special individual attention. The greedy girl vibrator is both easy to control and versatile. The toy has low, medium, and high settings plus a range of different pulse patterns to match your mood of the moment. The shaft fits snugly inside – nestling the g spot – in exactly the right position to help bring on the kind of mega-intense orgasm this greedy girl likes for her finale.

Verdict for the Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

At just over $90, the Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl vibrator is a little more expensive than the other BDSM gear I am showcasing. But why skimp on your pleasures? On occasions, it is definitely worth investing in a high-quality product to achieve top-tier results. The toy is easy to clean by washing with a standard sex toy cleaner, such as one from the Adam & Eve store. The g spot vibrator comes complete with its own satin storage bag to sleep in.

Four – First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers

I don’t think any BDSM bondage toy-box would be complete without nipple clamps. This type of sex toy can be used with your partner or alone. It works brilliantly for a solo performance if you are feeling really horny and in need of a certain kind of pain to center your mind and push you over the edge.

First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers

The First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers make the ideal entry-point for newbie kinksters who are looking to try out nipple bondage toys for the first time. They are rubber-tipped and have fully adjustable tension controls. However, since the tips are removable and the tension can be tightened, the door is open for you and your partner to start in with low-key stimulation before raising your game. The only way is up if you decide to explore more extreme pain sensations. With a little experience, you can become expert nipple-teasers equipped with this variety of BDSM gear.

The chain which links the clamps is a good 12 inches long. When moving, it pulls deliciously on the nipple teasers creating a fiery nip and tug experience.

It has to be said that my nipples are not the largest. Which meant my partner took extra care to stimulate them until they were two rock-solid buds, ready to be squeezed and teased by the nipple toys. The clamps were gently applied, closing around my ripe nipples with a delightful pinch. Immediately I felt turned on from the sensation. Then when my partner started to lead me around the room by the chain, I hurried to follow, as the pain became gradually more extreme with each pull of the metal links. My mind had to really focus as I honed in on a few of my erotic fantasies.

First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers

Verdict for the First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers

At under $20 these are really the best nipple clamps you could wish for. Well-designed and constructed, these are genuinely sexy toys. They not only feel good – being readily adjustable to match your personal nipple sensitivity – when in place, with the chain swinging, they look pretty damn good as well.

Five – Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Obey Me Blindfold

I must confess that wearing a BDSM blindfold makes me slightly uneasy. Not being able to see what is going to happen next creates a vulnerability in me that can be uncomfortable. That said, I do think it is a healthy thing to take the plunge and embrace this emotion every so often, to trust your partner to take care that the play will work for both of you. As a result, although the thought of being blindfolded may make me feel slightly anxious, this apprehension is accompanied by an added frisson of excitement. My pulse quickens in anticipation as I prepare to face the adventure head-on.

Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Obey Me Blindfold

The Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Obey Me Blindfold looks and feels wonderful. The mask is eight inches by three and trimmed with red. The faux-leather finish gives this sexy black silk blindfold a sensual air. The slightly padded, satin lining caresses your eyelids and invites your submission, providing the perfect comfort as your kinky play proceeds. Once the blindfold was in place, my heart soon began to beat faster than normal. My mind was working overtime, trying to analyze what was going on around me. All other senses became heightened and alert. My partner took his time between actions, and I was kept on tenterhooks, waiting for the next move, never knowing what was in store.

Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Obey Me Blindfold

To guarantee an uninterrupted experience, any quality bondage blindfold must remain secure, without slipping. With this in mind, the Adam & Eve aims to please, with not one but two elastic straps. Therefore, when in place, there is never any doubt that darkness will prevail. It is virtually impossible to peep and see what BDSM bondage plans your partner has in store for you both. The blindfold provides a dependable, sultry environment for you to literally feel your way to pleasure.

Verdict for the Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Obey Me Blindfold

At under $10, The Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Obey Me Blindfold is a steal. Easily packed away, it is actually a dual- purpose item—Don the BDSM blindfold when living out your darkest bondage fantasies with your partner, or just slip it over your eyes after a long day to help you drift off into a deep, dreamy sleep to carry you through the night.

BDSM Gear Summary

All the above items are attractively boxed. But more importantly, they arrive enclosed within discreet packaging. Even the return address is disguised to protect your privacy.

BDSM gear and bondage sex toys are simply a great way to spice up your sex life and have fun experimenting along the way. Armed with the range of products listed and reviewed above, you can be confident you have all the sex toys you need at your disposal to create a series of explosive, sexy sessions with your partner(s). Don’t get caught short without the very bondage item you require to fulfill your kinky fantasies. Shopping online has never been easier, and Adam & Eve will ensure you have an extremely positive retail experience.

Before you go, I would really love to hear all about your sexy adventures with the BDSM gear discussed above or, in general, regarding bondage play. Whether you are the one who enjoys being whipped or get off on doing the whipping, let us know your thoughts. Perhaps you have some advice to offer?

Happy pleasure-seeking!

Wanting to buy these BDSM gears? Go and buy one at Adam & Eve and at checkout, make sure to use coupon code BLOG50 to get 50% OFF on almost any single item plus Free Discreet Shipping and a Mystery Gift.

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Valentines Day Gift Ideas from Adam & Eve

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Trying to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can be difficult. Lots of people go down the “roses and chocolates” route, but that’s pretty old-hat, and neither gift lasts for very long.

valentines day, valentines day gift

You can splash out on a meal in a fancy restaurant and maybe a night in a plush hotel suite, which could make for a pleasant evening. However, if you really want to turn a pleasant night into a dynamite one, why not surprise your lover this Valentine’s Day with something to spice things up in the bedroom? These five products from Adam and Eve make perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him (to use on himself, but also to use on you!), and will keep on giving you both lots of enjoyment long after the chocolates have all been eaten and the roses have wilted and been consigned to the trash.

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.Oh! 

There is nothing hotter than having a naughty secret between you and your lover when you’re out in public, and the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.Oh! is guaranteed to have you sharing knowing looks across the restaurant table, the dance floor, or wherever you might be enjoying your Valentine’s Day date. This remote-controlled panty vibe allows him to set a fire in your underwear without so much as touching you, and you will love being at his mercy as he uses the remote to dial up your pleasure. As if that weren’t enough, the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.Oh! can also be controlled by sound, turning a romantic post-dinner slow-dance or an evening dancing the night away in a club into a hot, wet, and orgasmic thrill-ride! Dirty Dancing, anyone?

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.Oh!, panty vibrator

I was really excited to try these out, as I have a bit of an exhibitionist streak, and the idea of being out in public while my clit and pussy are being stimulated inside my panties is a huge turn-on for me. 

The package arrived, and, as with all Adam and Eve deliveries, the toy was securely and discreetly packaged. The packaging of the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.Oh! itself is very robust and stylish, and the box contains a black one-size-fits-most lacy thong, a USB charger for the vibrator, a 23A battery to power the remote, instructions, and a pouch for safekeeping, as well as the vibrator and remote themselves, with the two components fitting together for convenient storage.

The vibe itself measures 4” in length and 2” in width and is made of body-safe phthalate-free plastic that molds to the lips of the labia, while a raised bump on the upper body of the vibe fits snug against the clitoris. The vibrator is USB chargeable, and a 2-3 hour charge will give you up to 2 hours of playtime. Once charged up, simply pair the OhMiBod Club vibe with its remote with the press of a button, then slip it into the custom-stitched gusset in the thong provided (or, indeed, any pair of panties you like). The thong is one-size-fits-most, and although I have quite wide hips, I found that the lace was stretchy enough to accommodate them. 

OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.Oh!

I handed my man the remote, which has a range of up to 20 feet and allows the wielder to scroll through the 5 different vibration modes as well as flip between manual mode and sound mode, and the wicked smile on his face let me know that he was going to enjoy teasing and torturing me just as much as I was going to savor the vibrations in my panties! After a quick test run to try out the settings and gauge the volume, we headed out for a drink and a bite to eat. Though it wasn’t too crowded, there was enough ambient sound from our fellow patrons to mask the low hum from the vibrator. My partner took sadistic pleasure from firing up the vibe via the remote control sitting discreetly in his pocket and enjoyed the sight of me squirming opposite him. When our meal was delivered, he increased the vibration as the waitress stood at our table, and I had to bite my lip to keep my composure as she made small talk with us! Both my partner and I found it incredibly hot! 

Although we didn’t try out the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.Oh! in a nightclub, my partner did set the remote to sound mode when we got into the car on the way home and played some classic club tunes at full volume. A microphone in the remote picks up the ambient sounds and vibrates in sync with them, and the effect of those banging beats on the vibrations between my thighs had me begging him to take the long route home!

Post-play clean-up of the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.Oh! is easy: I simply washed the vibe with warm, soapy water, then rinsed it off and let it dry. The OhMyBod vibrator can also be used with both water- and silicone-based lubricants.


We both loved the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.Oh! The vibe and remote are super-easy to use, and the functionality, with both manual and sound-synching mode, is a fantastic feature. Both design and volume are discreet, and although you might want to avoid using the vibe in very quiet settings, the general ambient sounds you’re likely to encounter when out and about will mask the hum of the vibe and keep your secret safe! At USD$89.95, the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.Oh! is a little pricey, but it’s a high-quality toy that both of you can enjoy and is well worth the cost. You or your partner can even speak into the remote’s microphone to activate the vibrator when in sound mode. So, buy your guy the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.Oh! this Valentine’s Day, have him whisper some dirty sweet nothings into the mic, and get ready to wet your panties!

Max Results Pump

Max Results Pump

Penis Pumps are a great Valentine’s Day gift idea for your man, as they can really strengthen his erection, keeping him harder for longer and increasing his girth by forming a vacuum around the penis and thus increasing the blood flow. The benefits of these firmer, bigger hard-ons will be enjoyed by both of you! Moreover, if your man suffers from ED (Erectile Dysfunction), the Max Results Pump will not only improve his performance but give him an -ahem- huge confidence boost!

The Max Results Pump is 9.25″ tall, with a 2.25″ wide cylinder, and is made from body-safe plastic. It also features a Master Grip Finger Pull, which makes for a smoother and easier pumping action than you find with many other penis vacuum pumps and a flanged base that creates a perfect vacuum seal around the penis –– with or without the use of the tapered silicone inner sleeve. There is a Quick Release Valve on the top of the cylinder and a flexible air hose, making the Max Results Penis Pump safe and easy to use.

Max Results Pump

Our Max Results Penis Pump arrived in Adam and Eve’s customarily discreet packaging, with the pump contained in a molded plastic packet. There’s no preparation required, so we just gave the cylinder a wash with some warm soapy water and pat it dry before applying some water-based lube to my guy’s penis and around the pump’s seal. He slid his cock inside the smoky-colored cylinder and sleeve, and we each took a turn pumping him up using the Finger Pull. 

Max Results Pump

Watching the Max Results Pump as it lengthened and thickened my man’s penis was great fun, and he reported that the sensation in his cock was very enjoyable. It is advisable to keep the pump on for no more than 10 minutes, but within that time, you can re-pump as often and as much as you like or need. After 10 minutes, he pressed the Quick Release Valve a couple of times to loosen the vacuum, then slid the cylinder of the Max Results Pump off. When we saw the results, we both gasped; his cock was thicker, harder, and longer than either of us had seen it before! When it came to putting pl, that bad-boy to use, I enjoyed the sensation of the added girth and length, and he loved wielding such a strong and hard erection. It was definitely a win-win, and what more can you ask from a Valentine’s Day gift?

Max Results Pump
Max Results Pump


The Max Results Penis Pump gives amazing results when it comes to boosting your man’s erections, and it is so simple to use. The Master Grip Finger Pull is a great inclusion; so much better than those bulb-style pumps that you often find on male vacuum pumps and penis enlargers. It can be used alone as a masturbation aid or with a partner and can be used with a cock ring to keep the blood in the penis even after the cylinder has been removed. You can even introduce some prostate stimulation via a butt plug or anal vibrator, which, when combined with the suction produced by the penis pump, will increase his pleasure and make him feel amazing. At USD$34.95, the Max Results Pump is a terrific value and will give you and your beloved a Valentine’s Day experience to remember!

Frisky Tame Me 8 Piece Bondage Set

Valentine’s Day is an ideal time to try something new in the bedroom, and if you and your partner have ever contemplated exploring your kinky side with bondage toys and BDSM restraints, the Frisky Tame Me 8 Piece Bondage Set is the perfect starter kit. It contains a faux-leather blindfold for sensory deprivation play, an easy-release Velcro collar with a 30” leash for submission/ pet play, a pair of wrist cuffs for restraint play, a ball gag with breathing holes for comfort, a 17” feather tickler, and an 18” tassel whip with wrist strap. It’s everything you need in a beginner’s bondage kit and one of those great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him that you can both enjoy together.

Frisky Tame Me 8 Piece Bondage Set

The Frisky Tame Me 8 Piece Bondage Set arrived in a sturdy box and, since there was no need to wait around for anything to charge, we were able to just open the box and get down to playing!

Frisky Tame Me 8 Piece Bondage Set

The bondage collar and leash were first to go on, and the collar was firm without being too constrictive. The wrist cuffs were next, and while these were comfortable around the wrist, we both thought that the chain connecting them could have been a bit stronger. The padded blindfold is excellent and really blocks out the light, leaving the wearer feeling very submissive and unsure of what their partner is about to do next. The feather tickler is lightweight and great fun for some light teasing, and the tassel whip, while not providing much of a sting, provides a nice introductory experience of impact play that you may then decide to explore further in the future with some heavier-duty BDSM sex toys.  

Frisky Tame Me 8 Piece Bondage Set

For me, the only let down in the otherwise excellent Frisky Tame Me 8 Piece Bondage Set was the ball gag, which was very hard. I prefer something softer that I can bite into a little, although I will concede that the breathing holes were a welcome addition. Nonetheless, if you’ve never used a ball gag before, this is a decent introductory gag; it will leave the wearer with a lot of drool around their mouth, and when worn alongside the collar, leash, cuffs, and blindfold, it really does create a powerful feeling of sexy submission in the wearer and lusty dominance in their partner. 


If you’re new to bondage kink and BDSM, the Frisky Tame Me 8 Piece Bondage Set from Adam and Eve is a terrific starter kit and a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day. Containing all you need to begin your explorations into kinky sex play and retailing at a very reasonable USD$69.95, it’s a value-packed BDSM and bondage kit that will spice up Valentine’s Day for you and your man. So, pick up the Frisky Tame Me 8 Piece Bondage Set, channel your inner Christian Grey or Anastasia Steele, and get ready for 50 shades of Valentine’s Day fun!

Adam & Eve “Make Me Cum” Clit Sensitizer

Now, you may ask, “why are you including Clit Sensitizer in a list of Valentine’s day gift ideas for men? Men, by and large, don’t possess a clitoris.” While this may be true, enjoying lots of ecstatic sex and plenty of orgasms is a wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Day with your man, and Adam and Eve’s “Make Me Cum” Clit Sensitizer is a sure way to keep your pleasure in overdrive and increase your orgasmic potential. Let your guy use it on you, and make him feel like the King of Valentine’s Day as he wrings the orgasms out of you again and again, with a little help from this highly effective clit stimulating female arousal cream. 

Adam and Eve’s Clit Sensitizer

Adam and Eve’s “Make Me Cum” Clit Sensitizer is a hyper-stimulating cream, the ingredients of which stimulate the nerves in the clitoris, making even the lightest of touches feel amazingly erotic and making it easier to achieve orgasm- even multiples! 

Having tried a few clit stimulation creams in the past with varying results, I was intrigued to try out Adam and Eve’s Clit Sensitizer. It arrived in a small and discreetly packaged 0.5 oz jar with a screw top and, although the petite size made me pause, I soon realized that only a tiny amount is needed at a time, and thus the jar actually contains plenty of product. 

I decided to try Adam and Eve’s Clit Sensitizer cream during masturbation first and applied a small dab- about the size of a pea- to my clitoris. As soon as I started rubbing it in, I felt a lovely minty tingle in my clit and the surrounding area, courtesy of the menthol in the ingredients. I then moved onto stimulating my other erogenous zones for about 10-15 minutes before firing up my rabbit vibrator and heading southwards to my pussy and my clit. 

Oh. My. God. My clit was so sensitive and felt so stimulated that I achieved my first climax in record time! With further solo-sex play, I went on to achieve several more before I began to get a little sleepy and rolled over for a satisfying post-orgasmic nap. It was bliss!

Next time, my partner and I used Adam and Eve’s Clit Sensitizer together, with him rubbing the sex cream into my clit sensually during foreplay. Again, I felt that erotic tingle down below, and when he caressed, licked, and sucked my clitoris, I just about flew off the bed. I came a couple of times before he penetrated me, then again after penetration just from the sensation of his pubic bone and the shaft of his penis grazing against my hyper-sensitive little love-button! 

My partner and I now break out the Adam and Eve’s “Make Me Cum” Clit Sensitizer every time we have sex, and I also spread a dab into my clit before masturbation to enhance my pleasure. Although I generally tend to orgasm fairly easily on most occasions, this clit stimulation cream makes my orgasms feel even stronger and, when combined with internal g-spot stimulation, has me practically howling in ecstasy.


I positively adore this clit stimulation cream! At USD$9.95 for a 0.5 oz jar, which is enough to keep you going (or should I say coming) for weeks, Adam and Eve’s Clit Sensitizer cream is an absolute must-have and a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift for him and for her.

Adam’s Extension

Adam's Extension

If your man could benefit from a little more length and girth in the trouser department, if he would enjoy some extra stimulation on his shaft during intercourse (and what guy wouldn’t?), or if you both want to experience an even bigger bang than usual, the Adam’s Extension penis enlarger sleeve will be an ideal Valentine’s Day gift. This clear sleeve, made from soft and stretchy jelly and featuring textured tickling pleasure point stimulators both inside and out, not only adds to his and your pleasure but also gives an additional 2” of length plus extra girth to your man’s cock. The sleeve also helps him maintain his erection and increase his staying power so that he can stay hard and horny for longer. 

Adam’s Extension arrives in inconspicuous packaging, with the sleeve itself presented in a simple molded plastic casing. The sleeve measures 6” long x 1.5” wide, and it is designed to fit most sizes comfortably. As there is no charging or batteries required, the Adam’s Extension is ready for use straight out of the packaging, a fact that my lover and I were very pleased about. Just a simple wash with some mild soap and warm water, some water-based lube inside the sleeve and on my man’s erection, and the Adam’s Extension penis enhancement sleeve slipped on with relative ease. My partner found rolling it on a little like a condom made fitting the sleeve easier and more snug, and once it was on, he said it felt secure and comfortable. 

Adams Extension

The raised pleasure points on both the inside and outside of the sleeve feel fantastic and really add to the stimulation for both partners. The extra inches likewise increased the pleasure factor for both him and me, with me loving the extra-full feeling that the Adam’s Extension penis sleeve provided and him loving how wild and responsive I became as he penetrated me. Then, when our sexy time was over, the Adam’s Extension penis sleeve was easy to clean; the sleeve can be turned inside-out for washing with soapy water, then left to air dry. 

Adam's Extension


Adam’s Extension from Adam and Eve is an easy to use, value-for-money erection-enhancing penis enlarger sleeve that both you and your guy can enjoy together. It can be used anally, though I would recommend getting used to the increased size and girth first, and suggest a lot of preparation with lube and a butt plug beforehand. It can also be slipped over a dildo or vibrator from your existing collection for an instant transformation and, at USD$19.95, it’s another fun Valentine’s Day gift you can pick up from Adam and Eve.

So there you have it. Finding the best Valentine’s Day gift for your husband or boyfriend doesn’t have to be so difficult anymore. Simply head to www.adameve.com and check out these 5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas; they’re fun for him and fun for you, too! And what better way is there to spend a sexy Valentine’s Day with your beloved than to share in some sexy fun? 

Have you used any of the products in this Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas list? Do you have other suggestions, opinions, or experiences to share? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave your feedback in the comments section.

Grab any of the toys mentioned in this article at AdamandEve.com and at checkout use coupon code BLOG50 to get 50% OFF on almost any single item, Free Discreet Shipping, and a Mystery Gift.

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Why the Womanizer Series is Different (and Why that Rules!)

Written by:

After several years on the market, a complete Womanizer review has to answer not just how it stacks up against other toys, but against each other.

With four toys to try, as well as the joy of a giant haul, this is uniquely exciting because the Womanizer vibrator, starting with the Womanizer Pro, has had such an impact on the way sex toy designers approach female pleasure. It’s not just sensational, but seminal. In my review, I will also disclose that while I’m not a sex toy virgin, but I’ve never used clit suction before.

womanizer, the womanizer

Sex nerd time: Vibrators, themselves were some of the earliest patented electric appliances, dating back to the 19th century, and, although there have been upgrades, for most sex toys the fundamental technology has not changed. Although there have been notable advances in horsepower, increasingly quiet motors, and novel or more ergonomic shapes for the housing, ultimately it took the Womanizer toy to completely change the nature of the game.

Is it still a handheld massager? Yes, but the Womanizer toy has perfected the clit sucker. This cup-shaped bud nestles over you and gives you more than a friction buzz, embracing your clitoris and pulsing with just the amount of energy to mimic something hitherto impossible without a partner.

The Womanizer

Probably my favorite part of the Womanizer sex toy family is that it completely eschews the one size fits all approach. Owning a puzzle box vagina, myself, the quest to come usually means tech that treats every woman like perfect clones is a complete disappointment. Lucky for me, I got a chance to review the whole set (and share it with you).

Starting with the Womanizer Classic

Womanizer Classic

If you are going to review an entire line, I suspect you agree it’s probably better to go back to the beginning. Although the first vibrating clit sucker, the Womanizer Pro has been discontinued, its successor, the Womanizer Classic is the closest approximation of the seed that kicked off the whole category of clit suction toy, with many imitators in every well-known sex toy brand. For the Classic, their core design means an 8 setting, ABS plastic, and silicone toy about the size of your hand. With three buttons (+, – and power) standard on all models, the Womanizer vibrator is fairly intuitive to operate.

As far as aesthetics, you get one shade and a discrete silk storage bag. The colour is a uniform but fashionable violet tone, and reminds me of a pore cleanser vacuum. Only, rather than cleaning out impurities, the Womanizer sucker uses gentle puffs of air.

Womanizer Classic

Imagine oral sex from a partner with four-hour battery life. However, unlike a partner, your rechargeable clit vibrator offers considerably greater maneuverability. Explore on its lowest settings to get used to the new sensations and then, when you and the toy have made friends, rest that silicone cup-shaped head over your clitoris, hood in or not.  

I found a little bit of a thin lube was a significant improvement in sensation transfer, but there was definitely a learning curve. Not to give you TMI, but for me, the build up is all about the grip and the way I handle my lips as much as more traditional clitoral focus, and I took a bit longer to come than I might the by-hand old fashioned way. Nonetheless, especially on the lower settings, it completely avoids the numbness vs power problem I have with a lot of traditional vibes.

Womanizer Classic

As far as aesthetics, if you were familiar with the Pro, the appearance is a little different, but all the good parts of the original clit sucking sex toy are still there. The other thing that’s different is a considerably more ergonomic grip and a slightly more recessed head for the clit sucking vibrator portion.

Womanizer Classic

I do offer this caveat: As a Womanizer clit sucker newbie, it also took me a few tries to realize that it doesn’t work better with more pressure. The Womanizer sex toy family does not grab your clit the way the “suck” descriptor might imply, but rely on more indirect pressure. It’s a lot closer to a pulsing flutter than a lock on and pull. Start low and escalate with the setting options up and down, letting the clit suction kiss and worship you. To further describe what that feels like, you could still technically classify it as a vibrator in the sense that on its highest settings the clit sucker will give you spreading sensations and tingles.

This was my first ever go with a clit sucking sex toy, but I am extremely glad I started here rather than with the copycats from other brands.

Moving Up to the Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator

Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator

The Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator is an upgrade on the Classic when it comes to flexibility, but the cheapest out of the four options. I’m not just saying it’s an upgrade because they offer it in a limited-edition pearl finish in its ABS plastic body (for its five-year anniversary!) and, unlike the Classic, multiple colors. It’s also boiled down the core necessities of the Womanizer, managing at once to be fancier to look at, and with its small size, a just the facts ma’am no-frills approach to power. Although it has only 6 settings, compared to the Classic’s 8, that’s understandable as the Womanizer Liberty is the hand/pocket-sized choice. Obviously, if you travel a lot this clit sucker is an obvious improvement, although the smaller size (four inches) makes it considerably more geared for solo play.

Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator

As with this model of Womanizer vibrator, just like the Classic, it was a lot easier to use with a little lube. Although all Womanizers share this trait in common, I particularly appreciate the fact that the unit is waterproof, as you may get it a bit slick like I did. As the smallest in its vibrating clit sucker family, it’s the easiest for lube spread, and you will mostly depend on the shape of the housing for control.

The smaller size also means that you won’t be toggling between suction settings as much, even with the four options. I kept in the medium range. You also should remember to let it charge fully for the suggested hour before you use it. Even as it starts to power down it will still valiantly try to keep purring along and this can feel a bit inconsistent. Luckily, as with all the Womanizer toys, it’s design is discreet enough you could leave it plugged in, even in your living room, and nobody would be the wiser.

Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator

I also admit it was only in testing this particular toy when I realized that every Womanizer clit sucker has a completely detachable silicone part, and this case two head sizes to deal with the fact that every woman has a different clit and very different labia. If you are a complete toy novice, even beyond being new to using a clit sucking vibrator, part of the beauty of all silicone is that you can boil it. You could also put the clit suction part through the dishwasher, but it’s small enough I really do suggest hand washing.

Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator

With its smaller size, this clit suction toy also has a smaller battery life between charges, at two hours, but the reduced-price tag makes up for it. I also can not say I imagine many circumstances I would need more than an hour to get off, much less two. I will say that I do prefer the slower ramp up of the Classic, but this Womanizer sucker is still workable enough to get the job done.

Being Spoiled by the Womanizer Premium

If you are the sort of person who wants the luxe version of everything, and you are having a hard time picking which Womanizer vibrator you want, the Womanizer Premium is the best choice for you.

Womanizer Premium

First off, excepting the decorative metal band, it’s enrobed fully in silicone, unlike the other toys. This gives it a very welcome extra grip.  You have five colors to choose from (I like the white best!), but even more useful, this Womanizer toy also lets you swap out the head for an even more customized fit, just like the Liberty.

But how did it stack up in actual use? I admit it, I’m a princess, and very demanding in bed. I’m also extremely skeptical about hype. With the extra price tag, I knew the first practical testing in my Womanizer premium review would be to see if I could tell one vibrating clit sucker from another. As such, I gave it the standard test to see if it could make me come, then enlisted a partner to help.

I’m very much a lights on kind of girl normally, but the colours and difference in shape might have given it away, so my blind test benefited from relatively intuitive controls. My partner (in crime!) and I got well warmed up, and ever ready to serve, whether just me or the public good, they picked the first Womanizer clit sucker and brought me off without telling me which one it was.

Yes, I am that dedicated to getting it right.

Job done, I also left it up to my partner to hide and clean the first toy for me, lest I figure it out. Luckily, as I mentioned, both toys are waterproof (mmm, maybe a shower adventure some time later?) so there were no extra impromptu toy cleaning lessons needed and my partner was able to figure it out sans instructions. Then we waited another night for test two. Once again it was clit sucker time, and a scramble for my partner to hide the toy while I took some quick review notes.

Womanizer Premium

For the record it was the Classic on night one and the Premium on night two.

Can I tell one clit sucking vibrator from another? When my partner asked me, I said not really, as it’s 12 modes to 8 modes, with the Premium having a bit more varied clit suction power, but not necessarily a feature you need if the Classic was enough. My partner, on the other hand, disagrees (brat!). They said that everything else being equal, they had an easier time reading which Womanizer sucker I was responding to best with the Premium.

Womanizer Premium

Since they were more alert enough to time things like how fast I came or how loud I was, I will, in a rare moment from my usual nature, defer to them that the extra settings do make a difference.

I also wanted to see how I handled the autopilot that’s unique to the Premium. As a control freak, I was a bit nervous if the toy’s random program selection could match my fussy urge to button fiddle. I am not good at letting anyone or anything else to decide, my approach to going with the flow being closer to white water rafting than floating. For the autopilot, I tested the toy solo (as there would be nothing for my partner to do but hold it in place), let myself relax and tried to get into the zone. It… wasn’t bad. If variety is the spice of life and you like savoring the journey, that’s a definite alternative to getting into a routine. I’m not boring! I’m a Taurus! We just like to make things perfect!

Womanizer Premium

So yes, it’s an improvement, but I give the caveat that I have an extremely sensitive (small) clit but a fussy approach to how I am handled. If you dream of lying back and letting someone wow you, spend extra and go Premium.

Falling for the Womanizer Duo

I admit that although tastes vary, I love feeling full when I come. If you are built like me, the Womanizer Duo is your perfect curvy double penetrator and clit sucker power collab. Precisely because I thought that something with a g spot dildo had a good chance of being my favorite, I saved this one for last.

Womanizer Duo

If the Premium perfects everything about clit suction toys, the Duo brings it home with an additional feature. As well as a 12 setting clit sucker, the Womanizer Duo also has a shaft with 10 vibration patterns and 12 levels of intensity. For me, this is pretty welcome. My clit doesn’t like a lot of direct pounding, but my vadge does. Being able to get both types of sensations exactly how I wanted it was pretty magical.

Womanizer Duo

The Duo is also the only true Womanizer vibrator without any “technically” or need to explain the difference between suck and oscillate. While we might use the term vibrator to mean any motorized sex toy, the Womanizer Duo, with its thick insertable bulb, really does buzz away inside you. I also can say that comparing it to the well-known, oft-repeated DP vibrator classic, the rabbit, I prefer clit suction over fluttering ears.

Womanizer Duo

Sorry, Mr. Bunny, you were a first sex toy purchase a decade ago that I still have nostalgia about, but the Womanizer sucker actually sparks joy in a way that you never could. Plus, this has a much more body-friendly shape. The shaft has a perfectly engineered curve and about 3.5 inches of penetration depth, to settle it in just the right spot.

In my case, I also tested it as a rechargeable clit vibrator, by using the inside part outside. I found it was strong enough to give the defused sensations that I prefer from a more traditional vibrating toy. This alone was good enough for foreplay, so I found it made a good warm-up before I got it in place. It can take a little bit of work to get me to open up, so I appreciated a helping buzz across the whole area.

Womanizer Duo

In testing it inserted and with both features on, I did have to accept that a g spot vibrator sucker combo is also a toy that rewards patience, and a certain degree of surrender. When I was testing the other models, as well as operating them solo, I matched clit sucking sex toy action with my favourite silicone dildo. That’s pretty standard for getting off, as I am a big fan of the in/out motion, particularly as my orgasm builds. With a clit sucking vibrator, there’s very little moving around and definitely no thrusting. Instead, your pelvic floor holds the Womanizer clit sucker in place.

Thus, as a best tip, if you want to vary sensation, do not move the toy, change up the settings. You’ve got 10 patterns to choose from, and trying to push it back and forth won’t help. Do not be like me and accidentally uncouple the nice tease on your clit because you forgot and started wriggling. Easy fix, but unintentional edging. If you want to be a bit less luxuriously lazy, stick to kegels.

Womanizer Duo

Speaking of shoving silicone toys good places, I should mention that (as any insertable luxury vibrator should be) this toy is enrobed in a proper sheath of silicone. I find that in practice that can be a little grippy going in, but nothing a little extra lube can not fix, and definitely good when it comes to peace of mind over hygiene. Since you obviously can not boil the whole toy motor and all, a good toy cleaner will keep the body nice and clean.

Do take the time to mess with the controls before you take it for your first test run. As the most expensive toy in the Womanizer line up, you have gotten what you paid for. I didn’t find the increased range of options were that hard to figure out but I may have gotten a little obsessed with finding the best dual setting combo.

Womanizer Duo

Considering aesthetics, I would also say that it has the most unusual looks of any sex toy in my collection, something like a laser pistol turned wrong way round or an exercise weight. This is a net positive for me as I find the animal shaped toys weird me out, and the hyper realistic ones trigger some sort of uncanny valley reaction. I appreciate that of the three colours, it continues the Womanizer’s trend towards darker or more muted shades. I prefer this over the past trend towards candy pinks and lurid purples, or nursery layette pastels.

Womanizer Duo

For me, the only review disclaimer I might pack this with is to note that the u shaped insertable design does sacrifice a little bit of versatility in adapting to the different geography of every woman. I found the bulb part pleasantly filling, but if you do not feel like sliding it inside you will have trouble using the Womanizer’s most unique feature, that vibrating clit sucker.

Womanizer Duo

On the other hand, not unsurprisingly, this out performed any of the other Womanizer sex toys I tried solo. However, if I had to pick a clit suction toy, given my mix and match approach to the rest of my toy collection and my ever-willing partner, I wouldn’t say I can fully settle the clit sucking vibrator sibling rivalry question.

The Womanizer Toy Review Wrap Up

The true measure of the value of a sex toy I have tried is how likely it is to come out of the box after I have put it through its paces, made my notes and submitted my review. And one thing I can say is that it’s completely different from any other toy I’ve ever tried. It’s going to be hard to see which one is my personal winner (probably the Premium given the verdict from my partner in our couple’s test), but I’m also interested to see how you’ve found clit suction has worked out for you.

Do you prefer suction or traditional vibes? Or you are too are fascinated with Womanizer sex toys. Head on to AdamandEve.com today and use coupon BLOG50 at checkout to get 50% OFF on almost any single item plus Free Discreet Shipping and a Mystery Gift.

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Shane Diesel’s Realistic Dildo May Make You Weep But There Are Alternatives To His Dildo

Written by:

Shane Diesel Realistic Dildo

So. You’ve watched his “Blackzilla” movies and drooled over his monster black dong. You may even wonder how big is Shane Diesel?

You go onto the internet to do some research, and you realize he has a Realistic Dildo that was molded from his cock. Wow! It even comes with an autographed photo so you can stare at his face while pleasuring yourself with the toy! But then you see the price…

A $90 price point often leaves this item on the shelf, despite the heavy veining, the 10-inch length, and the 2-inch girth. It’s a great toy, but you know, with some searching, you can find similar products out there that deliver the same experience, but on a budget.

One such alternative is the Adam True Feel Dildo.

Now, this is only 7 inches long with 5.5 inches insertable, so it is a little on the small side, but the veining and the feel of this toy is very lifelike. I found that if you put it in a glass of warm water for a few minutes before playtime, it gives even more of a real feel. This toy also has testicles which limits how much of it you can actually put inside you but does give that extra dose of realism. It also comes in your choice of either Black or White.

Adam's True Feel Dildo

The material it is made from TPE is very firm yet flexible enough to make insertion easy. I have found over the years that many nice dildos ruin the experience of anal for me because they do not stand up to the rigors of pushing through the sphincter and often flex too much. This makes it hard to get in just right, and I often have to find an object to push the dildo against in order to get it in all the way. The Adam’s True Feel Dildo holds up very well and gives enough push to make anal fun again. Its suction cup base does hold up well where a lot of others have failed due to the weight of the items. It’s girthy enough at 1.5 inches to give a challenge to someone who would like to try something a little more of a challenge. It is also harness compatible, so you can slip it in and give your partner a little taste of a meatier cock.

The one thing I wish they had upgraded is the packaging. It comes in an almost generic white box with a photo of the item on it and its wording. I would like to see a sleeker design that would make displaying it more fun. But with a  $45 price point, this item is a great way to step up your game.

So Real 6 Inch Realistic Dildo

Next, there is the So Real 6 Inch Realistic Dildo.

This toy is a definite keeper. Though shorter than the Adam, this cock is more squat and girthy. It is a definite delight and gives you that extra little stretch, which I love with its 1.75-inch girth. The length though makes it one of the best starter dildos, and it is still challenging enough for those looking to upgrade their experience. It is quite firm, and the squat-ish size actually helps keep the firmness when inserting. It has a great sleek head, which also aids in embedding it inside you. The realistic head also feels great along your vulva or clit and helps your arousal. 

There is a suction on the base but it is rather small so it doesn’t quite have the strength it needs to stay in place on your shower wall, but it is good enough to keep in place if set on a flat, smooth surface such as a chair or toilet seat. The lack of a suction cup, however, does make it an excellent choice to use with a harness since it will settle in better without the cumbersome extra appendage. Your partner will enjoy the extra girth also as it offers a test of will. At $24.95, this makes a great first dildo for a dildo with balls. And the balls on this thing are thick and realistic!

Then there is the true champ to challenge the Shane Diesel – All-American Whopper 8 Inch Dong!

This baby is drool-worthy and exceedingly exciting and realistic! It even has a nice curve to it to hit your G-spot just right! The best way to describe this is OHMIGOD!

All American Whopper 8 Inch Dong

Truthfully, I think this is a more genuine model than even the Shane Diesel Realistic Dildo. The price is certainly much better. At $34.95, this toy gives you the extra wrinkles and veining texture that Shane’s lacks but is necessary for authenticity. The lifelike phthalate-free PVC skin is very close to the famed “Cyberskin” and also is a pleasure. It warms up easily for a more natural feel. It feels very real when I stroke it. While Shane’s dildo is 10 inches, only 8 inches of that is insertable. This 8-inch dildo offers a full 6.5 inches of insertion as well as 1.5-inch girth, though I have seen some reports saying it is 2-inch diameter. Though slightly less diameter than Shane Diesel’s, the curve on the All-American makes it so much more enjoyable.

All American Whopper 8 Inch Dong

The suction cup on this toy is actually pretty great. You can wiggle and wobble all you want and it will stay put. A lot of times, the suction will not hold with an item this weighty when stuck to a shower wall, but this one seemed to hold very well. The $34.95 price is perfect for anyone’s budget.

As you can see, all of these items are available through Adam And Eve. Adam and Eve is America’s Number One Sex Toy Retailer. They have been in business for over 45 years and have serviced over 12 million orders! They offer discreet billing and shipping, so you do not have to worry about others seeing your statements or packaging. They make shopping easy via their website or even with their postal catalog. Hey practically invented the business and knew their customer base well. They are the best ones to turn to when looking for reliability.

Adam & Eve

Comparing all three of these alternatives, I feel that the All-American Whopper Dong is the way to go. Not everyone likes the curve in it, and the curve can make insertion a little tough for some, but the way it hits the G-spot or prostate makes this a very orgasmic novelty. It’s more lifelike than the others, and the strong suction cup elevates it over the 6 Inch So Real Dildo. The So Real has more girth, which can be fun, but overall the All American ranks highest in my book.

Cleaning your sex toys is very important for sexual health and sex toy safety. Cleaning them will avoid the potential of bacterial infection, the transmission of STIs (if shared), or pregnancy (if sperm is present on the toy). Porous sex toys (rigid, flexible, soft, and squishy, think “jelly” and PVC rubber) are difficult to clean and can hide bacteria that multiply and harm the human body. Non-porous toys (glass, stainless steel, smooth, hardwoods, etc.) are easier to clean, making them less potentially harmful.

Some items advertised on the internet should be avoided. There is a certain celebrity who is known for selling somewhat “holistic” products, but these should no be inserted into a body. Eggs made of minerals are actually a porous material that can harbor bacteria. And no, steaming your vagina is not going to give you any health benefits – you might end up with a nasty burn instead. Unfortunately, there is no regulation in the manufacturing of sex toys – even some silicone products can be harmful. The best toys are the ones that advertise themselves as phthalate-free. (Phthalates are potentially cancer-causing agents that lurk in some PVC items.) Other code words to look for are “body-safe” and “food grade” to be safe. Even better is “medical grade” silicone. This type of silicone is regulated by the FDA and is used in breast implants and other surgical devices. Because of the materials used in its manufacture, food, and medical-grade silicone is considered non-porous – it is essentially a soft glass. To add an extra layer of safety, one can always use a condom in conjunction with a toy. This should always be used if an STI is suspected.

Cleaning your toy is also of utmost concern. Many toy manufacturers also make special cleaners, especially for sex toys. Some of those cleaning fluids can be very expensive, however. The vast majority of toys can actually be washed with any soap you would use on the human body. Antibacterial soap is the preferred method. Be sure not to use too much soap as too many suds can damage the toy or leave a residue.

Anal Toys

However, cleaning with soap does not mean that they are sanitized. Porous toys cannot be sanitized thoroughly at all. The best way to sanitize your toy is to boil it in water for 5-10 minutes.  A lot of people use a dishwasher, but this does not guarantee pure sanitization. If you do use a dishwasher, be sure not to use soap in it. Also, be aware the water jets could potentially damage some toys. Any toy used for anal play should be sanitized, as well as any toy used during any bout of infection – bacterial, fungal, or STI, including colds and the flu. Of course, toys should never be used between individuals, for safety’s sake. You just never know who may be harboring a nasty infection or STI.

When you have a toy such as a wand-type vibrator that cannot be submerged in water, it is recommended to stretch a condom over the head during use. This also extends the life of the toy. If the wand has ahead of silicone, that part can be washed in the sink but not submerged fully – just keep the head pointed downwards, so no water drips into the housing and perhaps ruins the motor.

Adam & Eve Condom Sampler

Leather items, such as whips, floggers, and paddles, can be cleaned, but not in the sink. You can use a spray of diluted rubbing alcohol, but be aware alcohol is not good for the lifespan of the leather – it can dry it out quickly, which may cause cracking and splintering. Spot cleaning is best for leather, using the diluted spray. Make sure to leave the item out to air-dry afterward. Also, note that leather cannot be fully sanitized as it is very porous.

Evening Tea Bondage Set

Storing your toys can be something often overlooked. Once clean and sanitized, you want to keep your toys as sterile as possible. Of course, this is impossible unless you have an autoclave and methods of hermetically sealing them up. You can dry the toys with paper towels or leave them out to air dry on a paper towel, so they do not come in contact with a counter or table. You can then store the items in a container or in a silk bag. I often use plastic sandwich baggies and change them after each use. Plastic can break down over time, however, and can damage your toys. Be sure to keep the clean toys away from used, dirty ones. 

Toys can always enhance sexual play and sensual enjoyment. Keeping these items clean and safe will extend the lifespan of the item as well as keep them safe for you to use.

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History of Sex Toys

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For me, sex toys were never less taboo than having sex before marriage. The popularity of sex toys has been steadily rising over the last couple of years, and it’s become more and more accepted to use them.

In the US, around 50% of men and 65% of women have used a sex toy at one point, but have you ever wondered how and when sex toys came about? You might be surprised to hear that sex toys date back as far as 30,000 years. Perhaps it’s fair to say that popularity has been a long time coming. 

The Dildo, The First Sex Toy Known To Man


Dildos are known to be the first sex toys and are older than civilization, religion, and matrimony; the very first one that’s known about dates back 28,000 years and was discovered in the Swabian Jura, a German mountain range, in 2005. The dildo is made out of rock, eight inches long and three centimeters wide. The dildos that followed were made out of stone, tar, wood, bone, ivory, limestone, and teeth and were all shaped like penises. While archeologists have tried to formulate non-sexual uses for the prehistoric dildos, the general scientific opinion now backs up that the objects were likely meant for sexual pleasure. 

After the Stone Age, the ancient Greeks have been recorded to create dildos out of bread, as well as wood or pressed leather, which was smeared with olive oil before use. In their culture, masturbation was healthy and normal, which backs up the idea that dildos at the time indeed served a sexual purpose. 

During the Western Han dynasty (206 C.C. – 220 A.D.), people buried bronze dildos with the bodies in their tombs. It was believed that the spirit of the dead would live on in the tomb, and thus important possessions were left alongside the bodies. While the toys were used for sexual pleasure, they were also essential to achieve a peaceful and loving afterlife. It was believed that “the female and male spiritual principles could be achieved during sex. In this regard, sex, especially if it was pleasurable and lasted for a sufficient amount of time, had a real spiritual dimension.”

By the 16th-18th century, dildos started being more scandalous. Thomas Nashe 16th century poem The Merrie Ballad of Nash, His Dildo, describes a scenario in which the speaker is so excited to see his lover that he ejaculates as soon as he sees her. She’s dissatisfied and whips out a dildo from under her bed. She praises it for always standing stiff and avoiding the risk of impregnation and gets herself off in front of the humiliated man. Unsurprisingly then, dildos were outlawed and confiscated at English customs from 1670. It became so bad that women were prosecuted for owning and making dildos in the absence of men. 

It’s in modern times that both societies’ attitude towards sex toys changed, and the right material for the dildo was found. During the 1960s and 1970s, most dildos were made out of rubber, which was more comfortable than stone but not strong enough to stand a good wash. Gosnell Duncan created the first silicone dildo in 1970 with the aim to provide medical aid for people with disabilities. Instead, it became a sex toy, which can now be found in any form and shape you like.

 Adam's 10 Inch Dildo and the Big Shot Squirting Vibrating Dildo

Two of the most popular dildos on Adam and Eve are Adam’s 10 Inch Dildo and the Big Shot Squirting Vibrating Dildo. The former is designed to resemble a real penis and comes complete with balls. The latter dildo has all the same realistic features but also comes with a vibrating ejaculator. 

Other toys that date back to before the modern era can be found with the Araucanian people in South America, who stimulated their clitoris by binding bundles of horsehair together. During the Ming dynasty in China, Baoding balls were created for meditation purposes, but they later became Ben Wa Balls, used for sexual stimulation. Chinese aristocrats are also reported to have enjoyed jade butt plugs and bronze strap-ons, going back as far as to the Han Dynasty. Dyak men tried to increase the pleasure of their partners by piercing themselves with bamboo and ivory. After the 17th century, sailors started experimenting with sex dolls by dressing bundles of straw in women’s clothing. Following this, in the era of industrialization, vibrators finally came about. 

The Origin Of Vibrators

The first vibrator was recorded in France in the 18th century. It was a handheld and wind-up contraption and called a Tremoussoir. In 1869, the American physician George Taylor created a steam-powered version of a vibrator called the Manipulator, and in 1880, Dr. Joseph Granville invented an electromechanical version. Unlike the uses of sex toys nowadays (though I suppose a wand can be used for non-sexual back massages), it has been suggested that the vibrators of the 19th century were not intended for sexual pleasure. Rachel Maines, a historian and a former visiting scientist at Cornell University, wrote in her book The Technology of Orgasm that doctors treated female patients by stimulating them to orgasm to treat “hysteria,” classed as a medical condition at the time. Vibrators, she proposed, weren’t meant for female pleasure but for the ease of male physicians. 

However, the claimed origins of the vibrator might not be true. Ten years after the publication of Maines’ book, Hallie Lieberman, author of Buzz, a popular history of sex toys, went through Maines’ book and found significant errors. In one passage, Maines describes how a vibrator can speed up the massage process, quoting a 19th-century physician. The quote says that a doctor without a vibrator “consumes a painstaking hour to accomplish much less profound results than are easily affected by the [the vibrator] in a short five or ten minutes.” Lieberman points out that vibrators were patent medicine, used for many types of titillating massages such as for “the intestines, kidneys, lungs, and skin.” Thus there is an argument that the vibrator was invented as a labor-saving massaging device and not specifically to treat female hysteria. Nonetheless, there are images of medical massager’s which look eerily similar to what we have come to know as sex toys.

In 1910, battery-powered vibrators started being available to the consumer and were advertised as general health and beauty cure-alls; women were promised that “all the pleasures of youth… will throb within you.” By 1918, vibrators started coming with attachments, described as “aids that every woman appreciates,” and in the late 1920s, vibrators first appeared in porn films, having lost its previously medical purposes. 

For a few decades, vibrators stopped being advertised. Instead, massagers were discreetly advertised in weight-loss ads. It took until 1973 for the vibrator to return at NOW’s Sexuality conference; it was reintroduced by Betty Dodson, who became a huge advocate for the Hitachi Magic Wand.

In 2009, the first peer-reviewed study on the vibrator found that people who used vibrators lived happier sex lives, with about 53% of women and 45% of men having once used one.

My First Sex Toy, The Vibrator

My very first sex toy was a one-dollar blue vibrator recommended to me by a friend. She was very open and a big advocate for self-pleasure, believing all women should take the time to learn their own bodies and find out what works for them. At the time, I had never had an orgasm and didn’t understand what they were or why people were mad for them. I didn’t really see the appeal of stimulating myself as I wasn’t under the impression that I was missing out. However, she was adamant I should try, and the best way to achieve pleasure was by getting a vibrator, she said. Skeptical as I was, I figured I wouldn’t lose out much if the vibrator were just one dollar. I ordered the type she suggested and lifted a thin dildo shaped vibrator out of a discreet package two days later. I looked at it and had no idea what to do with it. 

I took out the battery of my mum’s razor and used it for my new vibrator while my parents were still at work. The vibrating object seemed so alien in my hands. Was I supposed to insert this or something? My friend had mentioned I should try and find my clit. With raised eyebrows, I observed the moment the vibrator touched the skin between my legs. It made me feel something, but it felt far off the euphoric experiences she’d described with her vibrator. 

It wasn’t until after I’d had sex for the first time that I discovered the great power of a vibrator. I had learned how to successfully stimulate my own and my girlfriend’s clit with my fingers but found that the repetitive motion could become quite tiring. I dug up my old vibrator, and suddenly its use made a lot more sense; the vibrations of the toy were pleasurable, and it helped me reach orgasms much more quickly. If we think back to the original use of a vibrator (a labor-saving massaging device), its current use isn’t necessarily that far off!

The Wand 

While my first vibrator ended up being alright, I only truly started enjoying orgasms when I discovered the Hitachi wand, which was gifted to me by my best friend who knew I didn’t always care as much for orgasms because of the effort it took to reach them. The wand he got me is similar to the Adam and Eve Magic Massager Deluxe 8x wand and was a bit of an orgasmic life changer for me!

Adam & Eve Magic Massager Deluxe 8x

Normal vibrators can make it easier for me to come, but it’s not always necessarily the case. In fact, I know pretty well how to use my fingers, which means they can be more successful than sex toys. Believe it or not, I’m someone who thought orgasms weren’t worth the effort it took to get there. I thought orgasms were nice but nothing special, really. A wand, however, can make all the difference and is pleasurable for the entire ride. I find that wands cover a larger surface area, which means they provide more stimulation. I don’t need to move a wand in order to have build-up, which smaller vibrators sometimes did require. With a wand, I can simply lean in, let go and let the sensations take me until I reach the pleasurable wave. In short, I can orgasm within 2 minutes of turning on a wand, and it feels good every single time. 

While it is safe to say that the wand is one of my favorite toys, other sex toys, the kinky type, take my fancy even more. As far as we know, these toys weren’t used for sexual pleasure before the Modern Era, and if they were, they wouldn’t have been accepted. In fact, a taboo has long rested on kink and BDSM, and some media (like the documentary Fetishes and the film Secretary) have been trying to destigmatize. I remember watching a sex documentary when I was younger in which the woman was trying to help couples spice up their sex life. She stepped into a sex shop where every corner was filled with another exotic toy and discussed them with the shop owner at great lengths. During the show, the presenter tried out a kidnapping scenario and discussed different forms of roleplay. However, it wasn’t until the release of Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James in 2011 that the popular opinion shifted significantly. Suddenly, the interest in restraints, blindfolds, and impact toys spiked, and a whole new group of sex toys started being sold under the Fifty Shades name. After the success of the first novel, the sales of love beads spiked by 400%. The beads were introduced to readers by the following passage: 

“He holds out his hand, and in his palm are two shiny silver balls linked with a thick black thread … Inside me! I gasp, and all the muscles deep in my belly clench. My inner goddess is doing the dance of the seven veils … Oh my … It’s a curious feeling. Once they’re inside me, I can’t really feel them—but then again, I know they’re there … Oh my … I may have to keep these. They make me needy, needy for sex.”

Spreader Bar

On one of my first dates with my ex, she joked about wanting to tie me to the radiator pipe in my student room. We dated and made small references to kink but never outright said anything about dominance and submission. It wasn’t until I asked her to be my girlfriend that I admitted I couldn’t do a relationship without BDSM, so naturally, one of the first sex toys we bought was a rope. She had seen something online and wanted to make under the bed restraints with it. We pretty quickly discovered that we could’ve simply bought pre-made under the bed restraints, which then became our second toy. 

As we were still rather shy in regards to talking about kink and sex, we used Tumblr to discuss our likes with each other. I followed several kinky accounts, which posted gifs and images of women tied up in various positions and predicaments. It was here I saw a woman restrained in a spreader bar; she was wearing nipple clamps that her partner was pulling at. I forwarded the picture to my ex, and not long after, we received a package with a spreader bar like the Adam and Eve Scarlet Couture Spreader Bar. To get around our embarrassment, we used Tumblr to find things we were into and shared them with one another. It’s here we found certain positions and predicaments that took our fancy, and one such image contained a spreader bar. 

Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Spreader Bar

The spreader bar had its appeal because, as the name suggests, it spreads you wide open and leaves you quite vulnerable and exposed. The first time I tried the spreader bar, I was lying down on my back and lifted my arms and legs to above my shoulders, where they were fastened and restrained by the spreader bar. In this position, my bottom and vagina were fully exposed, which made me feel incredibly vulnerable and aroused. The restraints meant I had little wriggle room or any ability to escape, and my ex used it to spank me hard with a wooden kitchen spoon. It surprised me how effective the spreader bar was. Upon first look, it had seemed a bit flimsy, perhaps. I was proven this wasn’t the case when my ex mercilessly delivered her blows on my butt cheeks; it didn’t disappoint me one bit. In addition to its effectiveness in terms of restraints, the position it put me in was humiliating. It opened the door for teasing remarks and brought us naturally closer to the dominant and submissive roleplay.

Sex Swing

Another popular sex toy for couples nowadays is the sex swing. Ancient Indians were the first to create wing-like devices to facilitate different sex positions, for which we would use a sex swing nowadays. Back then, it was believed that the main reason for separations was the lack of varied pleasure and subsequent monotony. The theory was that by using varying positions and imagination, a couple’s desire for sexual intimacy could be renewed. However, the devices the Indians invented often didn’t work as they were limited by the material and technology at the time. The swings were difficult to use, uncomfortable, and sometimes even dangerous. Nowadays, anyone can own a fully functioning, safe, and comfortable sex swing.

Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing

The Adam & Eve Naughty Couples Door Swing is a sex swing that can be set up very easily and can be used anywhere as long as you have a door. The swing can elevate you and/or your partner and helps you explore new positions or create your favorite positions with ease. A sex swing is versatile, and apart from penetrative sex, can be great for oral sex. The swing takes care of your leg placement so that the focus can be on the pleasure. 

While sex toys for women became more and more acceptable over time, sex toys for men still carry around the sense of taboo sometimes. A man who mentions the use of sex toys to his friends is more likely to be ridiculed than when a woman mentions using a vibrator to her friends. However, sales have risen massively over the last ten years, and popular toys have been different types of masturbators, sometimes designed to look like a real vagina. 

After the invention of the internet in 1990, men started communicating with each other about the easiest way to get off. They used things such as cushions, condoms, and petroleum jelly and started making homemade fake vaginas. As a result, the fake vagina market began to boom, and small silicon-based devices designed to be carried around started being designed. From here, customizations were added, and the fake vaginas could be bought in different skin tones or with fake pubic hair. 

In 1995 someone set out to create what we now know as the fleshlight, a more realistic version of the fake vagina. In order to help destigmatize male masturbation, they put the vagina in a fleshlight since a flashlight was seen as something innocent. 

Super Head Honcho Masturbator and the Sasha Grey Pocket Stroker

Two of the most popular male sex toys on Adam and Eve are the Super Head Honcho Masturbator and the Sasha Grey Pocket Stroker. The former is specially designed to fit bigger buys, which increases your satisfaction, while the latter is molded from adult star Sasha Grey! 

Sex toys have been around since before civilization and have become more varied and advanced than ever before. While our ancestors had to do with rock dildos, we have the luxury to pick and choose materials that are most comfortable to us. I think we should all take advantage of this and use sex toys to enhance our sexual pleasure. And if you’re indeed planning to, why not have a look at all the sex toys Adam and Eve offers?  

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We-Vibe: Premium Sex Toys for a Premium Experience!

Written by:

We-Vibe Sex Toys are a Sexy Indulgence Well Worth the Price.

I have been a fan of We-Vibe products for years. I purchased my first We-Vibe vibrator a decade ago. At the time, I was in graduate school, and it was a big financial commitment to buy a premium sex toy. Once it arrived and I started using it, I found that the difference between your average vibrator and a We-Vibe justified the price! Since then, I have added We-Vibe couples vibrators, remote-control toys, cock rings, and more.

If you are new to We-Vibe toys, I suggest you start with the We-Vibe Touch.

This little cutie is a small clit vibrator. It’s just under two inches long and three inches wide with a cradle for your clit on one end. It’s made of non-porous silicone and comes in purple. The scoop inversion on the one end hugs your clit while the entire toy fits comfortably between your labia lips.

We-Vibe Touch

I like this toy because I need a lot of clit stimulation to climax most of the time. Like many folks with vaginas, vaginal stimulation alone rarely gets me to orgasm. The We-Vibe Touch is helpful for both masturbation and couples play.

Now that I have had this toy for a while, it has become a go-to for self-pleasure. I love clit stimulation during masturbation, and often this is my sole focus of a session (especially a quickie). The We-Vibe Touch is great for this because it holds a charge, it can be used for up to two hours of play before needing a recharge, and its compact size means it easily fits in my bedside drawer.

To get the most of this toy, I use a bit of lube and then power it up. I slip it between my labia lips, onto my clit, and start off slowly. The toy has eight different vibration settings. It’s great to have options! Another nice feature is that this toy is waterproof, so I often take it into the shower with me. Working from home, it’s nice to have some truly fun private time in the bath.

We-Vibe Touch

The toy is easy to maintain. After use, I use a bit of warm, soapy water and then rinse and let dry. After three or four uses, I will recharge it, so it is always ready to please me.

Now that I have early-onset arthritis, this toy has been a lifesaver! There are plenty of days where my hands are achy and weak. This toy allows me to masturbate the way I enjoy without triggering the pain in my hands. This is a definite must if you enjoy clit stimulation and have any hand limitations!

We-Vibe offers a second clit stimulator called the We-Vibe Melt.

We-Vibe Melt Clitoral Stimulator

This is an air-powered toy. I will be honest, when I read the initial website description, it “uses subtle changes in air pressure- essentially sucking and blowing on your clit – for touchless stimulation,” I did not have the sexiest of images come into my brain. What I pictured is a toy equivalent of someone blowing on a spoonful of soup. This made me skeptical about the amount of stimulation which could be achieved by this vibrator.

Because the toy was produced by We-Vibe and I am a big fan of clit stimulation, I decided to give it a try. I am so happy I went with my gut! This vibrator is an amazing and unique toy. It’s just over 5 inches long and an inch and a half wide. It’s made of silicone and comes with a USB magnetic charger. It can be used solo or with a partner.

We-Vibe Melt

I strongly recommend using this with a partner. I purchased this at a time I was dating a woman. It became one of the toys we regularly incorporated into our sex lives. I found it worked best when accompanying strap-on play. My partner would harness up, we would sandwich the We-Vibe Touch between my lower lips, and she would start thrusting. It was so good; we got more than one complaint from the neighbors in the next apartment for being a little too loud. No shame in my game here!

This is the coolest toy! The air “sucking and blowing” is the closest thing to great oral sex I have experienced with a toy. The Touch has 12 levels of intensity, which allows a great range of stimulation. Another bonus is that this toy works with the We-Vibe app. 

We-Vibe Melt

This toy has remained in my repertoire of sex toys through a range of partners, both male and female. It works with all gender combos as a couple’s vibrator for all sorts of sexual play. For me, using it along with vaginal stimulation from a partner (be it dildo or dick) guarantees I climax every time, often several times in a session. The only caution is to use it when neighbors are not in earshot!

I bought the We-Vibe Tango to make my work life more tolerable.

We-Vibe Tango

Before I left the 9 to 5 for the great life of sex writing, I was like many folks: toiling away in front of a computer, dealing with passive-aggressive co-workers, and sitting in endless boring meetings. When We-Vibe came out with the Tango, I bought it as an impulse by one day. This cute vibe is just three inches long and half an inch wide. It looks like a tube of lipstick, but it is so much more fun.

It has added perks. It’s small and comes with a storage bag, and is made of durable plastic so that it can roll around in your purse without getting damaged. It has a USB charger, and I will admit, I have used my portable phone battery charger to power up this vibe on my commute.

We-Vibe Tango

It is very quiet, so using it in my office with the door closed never proved to be an issue with colleagues or my secretary hearing it. I would just close my blinds, shut the door, and slip the Tango vibrator down into my panties. Five minutes later and a quick trip to the ladies’ room to wash my hands, and I was much more pleasant for a long afternoon meeting. Personally, if more people had a private way of masturbating at the office, I think the world would be a more pleasant place.

We-Vibe Tango

This “travel-sized” vibe (I would call it fun-sized!) was a great purchase. It lives in my work bag, so even now, when I am at a conference or out teaching all day, I have the option for a quickie. It’s easy to wash, dry, charge, and go with this vibrator. Seriously, it makes the 2:30 meetings with the client you hate so much more tolerable!

When We-Vibe introduced the design shared by the Match Couples Massager and the Chorus Couples Massager, it was a major innovation in the sex toy world.

We-Vibe Match Couples Massager

Prior to these toys, most couples vibrators were either cock-ring style, or it was a small vibrator used on the clit of one partner. The Match Couples Massager and Chorus Couples Massager are designed to fit inside a vagina AND rest on the outside between the labia and stimulate the clit. Both can be worn during insertive vaginal sex.

We-Vibe Chorus Couples Massager

The vibrator is a “U” shape. The Match Couples Massager has a limited amount of give. While it will fit snuggly inside the vagina with the larger “arm” resting on the clit, it does not fit all bodies. The Chorus Couples Massager has adjustable points for both arms allowing for a greater range in the curve of the “C” shape. This means it fits nearly all bodies.

We-Vibe Match Couples Massager

Both vibrators are made mostly of silicone and some ABV plastic in the remote. The Bluetooth connection the remote runs on allows you to adjust the vibrator even when it is sandwiched between you and your partner.

We-Vibe Chorus Couples Massager

The Chorus Couples vibrator has a great feature. We-Vibe calls it the ‘Touch-Sense” control. A simple name for an incredible technology. This vibrator changes intensity and speed when you squeeze it! Simply clench your Kegel muscles to increase the vibration, relax, and the vibration slows and becomes more gentle. 

What more could you need in a couples massager? Maybe it could make you both a sandwich afterward, but that is asking a lot.

I splurged and got the Chorus Couples Massager for my current partner and me. My first impression was that it was small. The insertable arm is just under two inches long, and the larger outside arm measures just over two inches. It comes with a little charging stand and a USB charger. I plugged it in and charged it up. This took less than an hour because it was shipped with a partial charge. It takes about 90 minutes to charge a fully drained vibrator.

We-Vibe Chorus Couples Massager

I paired it with the We-Vibe app, which is simple to use. I lubed up both arms and positioned the toy inside of me and on my clit.

I used the app to try the ten different vibration modes. I suggest you start slow and work up. I was surprised by the amount of power this toy packs. Depending on how much stimulation you enjoy, you will find a mode that works for you. The process of finding the best model for you is enjoyable.

I decided to see if the Touch Sense control really worked. True to We-Vibe toys, this new control delivers! It changes the intensity of the stimulation as you clench and release your Kegel muscles. I did not buy this toy to improve my Kegel workouts, but it has become a part of my Kegel exercises. There is something satisfying about getting immediate and pleasurable feedback when I am working on these muscles. Additionally, finishing any workout with an orgasm inspires me to work out more often.

I was excited to try it with my partner. The toy description says you can wear the vibrator while out on a date. After I had finished my first solo expedition with the massager, I left it in and tried to do a few things around the house. Indeed, the toy stays in place and is comfortable to wear while walking or sitting. 

When my partner returned from his day, I was wearing the Chorus massager. I greeted him, wearing just an apron, and holding a drink. I know this sounds cliché, but the the1950s sexy housewife thing really turns him on.

I started up the vibrator using my phone and showed him how to control it. We started making out there in the kitchen, and he ramped up the vibrations to the point I was begging him to be inside of me. He bent me over the counter and entered me. 

The additional width of the toy made him a very snug fit inside my lady bits, which was highly pleasurable for both of us. Additionally, when he was entering me from behind, his balls would tap the arm outside on my clit. The vibrations were enjoyable for him as well as me.

I tried squeezing and relaxing as he thrust inside of me. This led me to climax hard as he thrust deep inside me. The vibrator increased in intensity as my walls squeezed and released during orgasm. This provided enough stimulation to push him into a powerful climax. 

We-Vibe Chorus Couples Massager

We have incorporated this toy into many of our sexy time sessions. The vibrator is waterproof, so we have tried it out in the hot tub. For me, hot tub sex was never particularly enjoyable. The positioning in the tub meant that my clit was often under-stimulated, and I never climaxed. Adding the We-Vibe Chorus vibrator to hot tub sexy time has changed my opinion about sex here. The vibrations get me very worked up, and the clit stimulation during penetration has consistently led to powerful orgasms.

The toy is easy to clean and maintain. When you are done, simply wash with warm, soapy water or sex toy cleaner and let dry. Charge on the charging stand as needed. I can vouch that even with extensive use, this toy holds up. 

I have not personally tried the We-Vibe Couples Massager. I decided on the Chorus vibrator specifically because it has adjustable arms. My clit is located almost two inches from my vaginal opening. This is a greater distance between the two than most women have. I had doubts about the fit of the Match Couples vibrator for me. The We-Vibe Chorus fits me well. However, after I had such a great experience with the Chorus Massager, I suggested it to a friend. She tried the Match Couples Massager and reported the same excellent results I experienced. Depending on your personal body, one of the two (and perhaps both) will work for you.

A while back, I had a male partner who really enjoyed cock rings. I had not used them with a partner before. Most cock rings are designed to help the wearer maintain a longer and harder erection. 

I wanted to get him something a bit special and unique, so I picked out the We-Vibe Pivot Vibrating Ring.

The Pivot Ring is a super-deluxe cock ring that vibrates. I had tried cheaper versions you can pick up at drug stores. Those were underwhelming and not well made. The We-Vibe Pivot is just the opposite: it is well made, it provides substantial vibrations, and it holds up. This is a great option for partners into cock rings.

Pivot By We-Vibe Vibrating Ring

The Pivot Vibrating Cock Ring is made of stretchy body-safe silicone. It is an inch and a quarter wide and almost three inches long. It comes with a USB charger and has ten different vibrating modes.

Pivot By We-Vibe Vibrating Ring

The ring fits around the shaft and provides a snug fit. This keeps more blood in the shaft, leading to a longer, harder erection. For a partner with erectile dysfunction issues, diabetes, or who is trans and the hormones are making it difficult to maintain an erection, I strongly recommend the We-Vibe Pivot.

Pivot By We-Vibe Vibrating Ring

We charged up this toy and paired it with the We-Vibe app. I slipped it on his shaft when he was sporting a semi-chub and started to suck him off. He got rock hard and turned on the vibrations with the phone. It was a new sensation to feel the vibrations in his dick while I sucked on the shaft. While not unpleasant, it took a minute for me to get used to the sensation. He, on the other hand, was loving it!

Pivot By We-Vibe Vibrating Ring

I climbed on top of him and started to ride cowgirl-style. He increased the vibrations of the ring. The added vibrations on my clit increased my pleasure as well. The Pivot Vibration Ring allowed him to maintain a longer than average erection. Couple that with the vibrations from the ring, and I was able to climax while riding him.

The ring is easy to clean and maintain. Like other We-Vibe sex toys, you wash with warm, soapy water or toy cleaner, let dry, and recharge as necessary.

I really enjoyed the added vibrations while riding cowgirl-style, so I bought a new Pivot cock ring for my current partner a few months ago. He is significantly larger than the average man. His penis is more than seven inches in circumference when fully erect. This made the Pivot uncomfortable. Most men have a bit narrower shaft, and the Pivot Ring will fit comfortably. However, if you have an especially large penis, you may want to double-check sizing.

Pivot By We-Vibe Vibrating Ring

The Pivot Ring provided the extra support to help a partner with erectile stability (he could get hard but had difficulty remaining erect). He really enjoyed the vibrations, and they helped me achieve orgasm as well. This ring will be great for many people.

I enjoy butt plugs. True to form, We-Vibe has created a great vibrating butt plug, the Ditto.

We-Vibe Ditto

When it comes to things you put in your bum, the number one rule is that they must have a base wider than the widest insertable part. Your butt is a greedy little thing, and when aroused, will open and try and suck in everything it can! We-Vibe came up with a brilliant solution to this. Their Ditto butt plug is shaped kind of like a “J.” There is a thin, insertable plug and a base which is designed to tuck nicely between your butt cheeks. This makes it comfortable to wear for an extended period of time, to walk around with, and to sit down while wearing. I cannot overstate how fantastic it is to find a butt plug that fits like this!

The Ditto is a great size for beginners. It is three inches long and just 1.25 inches wide at the widest part on the insertable side. Think of it like a thick index finger. It has 10 built-in vibration modes, and you can use the We-Vibe app to create even more vibrations. It’s waterproof and recharges with a USB cord, which is included.

We-Vibe Ditto

Since I am your modern-day pervert (and proud of it), I bought this toy for use on dates to my local dungeon. It is so much fun to use this for a night out. The first time I tried it, I started with an anal douche (which is a great way to prep for anal play) and then used some lube and inserted the toy which had been paired with the We-Vibe app. I tucked the base between my cheeks, and it fits comfortably.

I dressed in my corset and skirt and headed out for my play night. My partner started the vibrations going while we were still on the drive to the dungeon. I was the passenger, which was important for safety reasons. The vibrations got me twitching and desperate to touch myself.

We-Vibe Ditto

When we arrived, he continued to play with the vibrations on his phone, increasing and decreasing them as I visited with friends. He took great delight in watching me try not to give away that I was on the edge of orgasm as I held conversations with people.

When he was ready to play, he tied me to the St. Andrew’s Cross and turned up the vibration. I was dripping wet with excitement. As he teased my nipples and flogged me, I tried not to climax right there. Finally, he turned up the vibrations to ten, and I came right there on the cross.

We-Vibe Ditto

The We-Vibe Ditto is easy to maintain. It fits comfortably for extended use and has enough power to really bring on the pleasure. It’s a great size for beginners or folks looking for a comfortable and effective butt plug.

I’ve had fun sharing my experiences with We-Vibe toys. I would love to hear what you think of them! Please share your thoughts about We-Vibe vibrators, couples toys, cock rings, and butt plugs below.

Get the we-vibe sex toys or any products at AdamandEve.com using coupon code BLOG50 at checkout to get 50% OFF on almost any single item plus Free Discreet Shipping, and a Mystery Gift!

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5 Best Alternative Products to the Hitachi Magic Wand Available at Adam & Eve

Written by:

It’s absolutely no secret that the Hitachi Magic Wand is the gold standard in massage wands and vibrators.

For years, sex toy reviewers have used its simple design, and powerful rumbles as the vibrator everything else is compared to. But, maybe you want to look beyond the boomer era basic and get a magic wand review that offers more? I good body wand massager is a must-have for every woman, and with so many versatile options, if you tried the Hitachi and didn’t like it, these five will probably make you want to give it a second shot.

Oh- and if you’ve never used one, consider this post also as your tour on how to use a wand massager for best orgasmic results! Not only are there all sorts of new personal wand massager options on the market, but there’s also an amazing selection of Hitachi wand attachments available now, too, to enhance what you have. In my review, I’ll also touch on options for getting the most out of your personal massager wand by yourself and with a partner, as well as a few don’ts

Adam & Eve Magic Massager Deluxe 8x

Adam & Eve Magic Massager Deluxe 8x

The Adam & Eve Magic Massager Deluxe 8 hints it’s the best feature in the name: 8 speeds and toe-curling, sensation building patterns. As a wand massager, the vibrations are in the head, as you would expect, but the bright red control button is an easy toggle, taking the simple idea of the Hitachi wand somewhere spectacular. Also, like the original vibrating wand that inspired it, the soft, textured rubber head can focus on your most sensitive spots or cover whole areas for more diffused and warming sensations. I like to use it with a partner, harnessing the powerful motor in the magic wand vibrator to turn their whole body into an extension of the magic wand sex toy. Pressed to a thigh, the Adam and Eve wand is strong enough to give a spectacular ride.

As an in house brand, with their years of selling every vibrator variant under the sun, the Adam and Eve magic massager is specifically built with all the features that people crave in a magic wand vibrator, but also improving on the limitations of the massage wands of years past. It offers a much quieter bedroom companion than the original Hitachi wand, without sacrificing the power. But, like the original Hitachi magic wand, it’s corded, so your session can go on and on. 

Adam & Eve Magic Massager Deluxe 8x

Unsurprisingly, as a corded vibrator, this toy is not water safe, and you cannot take this into the bath or shower with you. You may also consider investing in some toy cleaner since you can not fully immerse the unit to wash it. Additionally, if you are sharing with a partner, consider placing a condom over the head as a shield for a safer long term experience.

Adam & Eve Magic Massager Deluxe 8x

One tip I learned in testing -do not forget a little lube on the head, and be sure to mix up sensations with those settings if you are going for a marathon session with your Adam and Eve magic wand! Those patterns are going to come in particularly handy to keep you sensitive after the first buzz to climax.

Adam and Eve Magic Massager

If you want stylish and modern, white and rose gold, tease the eye with luxury before you tease the heck out of your body with this wireless wand massager. As well as looks, the Adam and Eve Magic Massager also offers a plethora of settings. There are ten in total that mix and match patterns and speed. Everyone’s body is a little different, so one person’s orgasmic 3 is another person’s warm-up 6 and finishing 8. If this is your first time with a wand massager, do not get discouraged. Just relax and find your best combination. This is another place that the magic wand massager shows its strength as each pattern setting can be individually moved up and down in intensity.

Adam & Eve Magic Massager

As I have already mentioned, I’m a huge fan of sharing a magic wand massager with a partner, and there’s something uniquely sexy about learning which settings work whereon someone else. Male or female, the magic wand rechargeable gives you two hours of USB charged battery life to really get to know each other. However, do not do what I did, and be sure to plug it in well before your planned tryst! The intense power of this rechargeable wand massager is going to take three hours of plugin time before it’s going to give you the best results. We managed fine on a partial charge, but if I am going to have a threesome with a wireless wand vibrator, I would like it to be able to show itself off to its best advantage.

Adam & Eve Magic Massager

And yes, you probably are making comparisons to the Hitachi magic wand rechargeable. To answer those questions, the biggest difference is that it’s going to offer you much the same power with more settings and the same size. It’s also less than half the price. However, like almost every magic wand rechargeable I can find, it is not waterproof. No taking your cordless wand massager into the bath, and no full immersion when it’s getting its post play clean off.

Like the Hitachi, this toy is wand attachment friendly, and I use mine with my favorites without a problem. If you already own some add ons or are considering enhancing what you have, you should have no problems mixing between makers.

Magic Wand Rechargeable

The Magic Wand Rechargeable is probably the most obvious alternative to its corded older sibling, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a review in its own right. At first glance, the cordless magic wand resembles the plugin version, down to its blue and white color scheme. However, though the magic wand rechargeable vibrator might be significantly more expensive than similar models, it boasts a lot of unique features.

Magic Wand Rechargeable

I’m particularly excited that the Hitachi magic wand cordless now has a silicone head. This material is my absolute favorite out of the new body-safe options you can get, although bear in mind that silicone can be a bit grippy, so you will want to invest in a good lube too. Additionally, the jury is still out on if the Hitachi magic wand rechargeable will tolerate silicone on silicone, so better stick to water-based lube here.

Magic Wand Rechargeable

In testing, the rechargeable magic wand has also lost the clicky switch of the Original and traded it for three soft buttons to get you a four-speed, four pattern mix, and match experience. It has not sacrificed any of the potency of its ancestor, but with more power control, you will not need to use a towel as a buffer between the buzz and the more sensitive parts of your body. That was my favorite trick for a toy that’s too much to start but amazing when you are ready. 

With the setting controls on different buttons, even fuzzy-headed and at the edge of coming, I can still angle the smooth plastic shaft just right while popping in the pattern that will get me the rest of the way there. It has not lost any of the weight of the original magic wand, but I find it’s 13” length makes it particularly maneuverable for solo operation.

As you might imagine, since it is part of the authentic family of massage wands that descended from the original Hitachi, it will work with all the usual wand attachments. Everything will fit snuggly, and the silicone head will not be particularly prone to marking.

Magic Wand Rechargeable

Please keep in mind; however, it’s got a proprietary charger. That’s not a bad thing, though! You can use it to plug in and play at the same time. And, once charged, when unplugged, the magic wand rechargeable vibrator will never suddenly abruptly shut off when you twist it to a better angle. I have done this to myself with corded only models, and I cannot overstate the pure value of a no thoughts, just give in to the orgasm experience going cordless gives me. Nonetheless, don’t get too carried away with your vibrator’s freedom. You still cannot take the toy into the shower. 

Still, with all the improvements they keep making to the basic model, I’m excited to see where this household name of sex toys will go next.

Pure Enrichment Peak Wand Massager

The lush pink, silicone wrapped Pure Enrichment Peak Wand Massager is significantly shorter at 7.5” than the 13” of a typical body wand, but it still deserves a place in your toybox. Consider it your best in class for a waterproof wand massager, a very underserved niche.

Pure Enrichment Peak Wand Massager

Easy to grip, with seven settings to get you off, it might classify as a body wand mini massager, but the head’s still large enough to carry some of those big wands diffused sensations that I find make the category of handheld wand vibrator so addictive. True, you aren’t going to find this vibrator is particularly attachment ready, but the peak wand massager makes up for it with its aforementioned environmental versatility, beating out most other options to bring near old school Hitachi level rumbles even into the bath. I’ve found that’s usually been the trade-off in testing water safe magic wand alternatives, but not with this one!

This toy is a lazy, me time vibrating wand that is light to hold. It’s the sort of toy that should be just you, a scented candle and a door locked against all the cares in the world. And before you ask, yes, the pure enrichment vibrator is nice and quiet, as bathrooms are universally the least soundproofed place in the house.

Pure Enrichment Peak Wand Massager

With the peak wand vibrator, I’ve found a toy where the only loud noises that happened were coming out of me. And well, by that point, in my case, I wasn’t about to be as self-conscious as I am starting out on a little solo play, when worrying about if the rumbles are carrying down the pipes can be a mood wrecker.

Pure Enrichment Peak Wand Massager

Brought to bed with another person, this vibrator is a cute and not particularly intimidating toy that would be particularly good both for the easy clean nature of silicone and it’s very non-threatening size and blushing color. As a Hitachi alternative, if the original magic wand promises to make the bed thump, this one is a friendly and inviting giggle.

Magic Wand Plus

Magic Wand Plus

Corded, and in the same color scheme as the Magic Wand Original, it might be tempting to dismiss the Magic Wand Plus option as more of the same. However, there’s a reason why the old two settings corded workhorse made “Hitachi ” synonymous with “wand vibrator.” That was not just their initial power, but the brand’s ongoing commitment to improved engineering. Not only has the manufacturer made a few serious tweaks to improve power and volume since it’s debut mid-century, now it caps it’s 12 inches with a very modern silicone head on a flexible neck.

The original magic wand vibrator offered two speeds, but the plus has brought that up to four. I would typify that as ranging from gentle to jet engine, with the other two in the middle giving you a nice transition. Because of the possible power scope, I like that with this control system, you can easily toggle that up or down, as some vibrating wand massager designs can leave you frantically cycling through patterns when all you wanted was to adjust intensity.

Magic Wand Plus

I also liked that I could still operate it with slippery fingers. While the shaft of that toy is still hard plastic, there’s enough grip in the buttons to get exactly the setting I want, when I want it. Using a towel as a buffer is gone; just a little lube and an orgasm are as instant and reliable as turning it on and letting yourself relax into it.

Magic Wand Plus

Like the Hitachi Wand Original it descends from, its other strength is that most vibrating wand massager attachments are designed with it in mind, fitted to cap snuggly on its familiar thick head. And, although the brand name is now truncated officially to “Magic Wand” and the maker now under the name “Vibratex,” the engineering and potency of the Hitachi magic wand original are still there, with the same very reliable Japanese design quality.

Magic Wand Plus

Other than the thigh trembling orgasms and the actually very good job it does as a non-erotic wand massager (no, seriously, try it after the gym!), the detachable cord is another new innovation. The Massage Wand Plus will not hold a charge unplugged, but stick it in a socket, and you will run out of juice before it does. Afterward, you will extend the life of your product by being able to stow the cord more safely. This might sound trivial, but cord detachment from wrapping the cord around its length was a leading cause of device failure.

Magic Wand Attachments Take It Up Another Level

The Magic Wand is the center of a lively mod community that’s led to some breakthrough attachments. People have been using some variant of this toy since 1968, and while the original designers tinkered and improved their product, its user base also added their own innovation in the form of Hitachi magic wand attachments.

Magic Want Attachments

With its place as the iPhone of orgasms, the Magic Wand Original, and its newer cousins, the Plus and Rechargeable, has enough adopters to be the biggest focus of aftermarket parts, with everyone from independent sex toy designers to the biggest brands all getting in on the game. These attachments can transform your vibrating wand massager into everything from a rabbit vibe to a prostate toy. Regardless of what feature it offers, most massage wand attachments function as easy as swapping out specially molded caps on the head of the toy, using its standard size for a reliable fit. 

Additionally, since there are many toys that are close to the Hitachi in scale, most body wand attachments will also work perfectly well with other personal massagers sold by Adam & Eve. Since there are too many attachments to cover in one post, so I’ll just give you the two I keep next to my wand massager and why I think they’re the best options.

Adam & Eve Magic Rabbit Wand Attachment

Adam & Eve Magic Rabbit Wand Attachment

I can not talk about the best magic wand attachments without singing the praises of what Adam and Eve has done with the rabbit wand attachment. The original rabbit was my second ever sex toy, so while I personally prefer more power than a typical rabbit offers, it was the first grab when I was branching out into trying Hitachi magic wand attachments. Like it’s namesake, this wand attachment offers those same buzzy, clit tickling ears and a shapely bulb to bring those vibrations inside me. Unlike a typical rabbit, it’s got a way more g-spot focused curve. Additionally, as body wand attachments go, I am particularly fond of those vertical ridges, which increase the potency of the least little back and forth thrust.

Although I tried other rabbit mimicking Hitachi wand attachments, this one had the advantage that the pink cup-shaped cap cradles and fits the head of other massage wands, making it more versatile. It’s also in the middle range of insertable length, hanging out just deep enough at 4.5 inches. This is important as overly ambitious Hitachi attachments can fail to diffuse the vibrations the full length of the toy.

Adam & Eve Magic Rabbit Wand Attachment

And, it’s made of flexible, body-safe, and latex-free TPE, which in the world of aftermarket Hitachi magic wand attachments is something to check for. The Adam & Eve brand tends to put safety first in all their products. Do keep that in mind when shopping. Not only is there a lively trade in counterfeit vibrators, some of the best designs, and even inspire copycat magic wand attachments.

Adam & Eve Turbo Stroker Attachment

Remember how I said partner fun was one of my favorite things to do with a magic wand? Of course, there are wand attachments for that. I’ve been taking vibrators to bed with boyfriends since I first got one (a vibrator, not a boyfriend!), but the Adam and Eve turbo stroker was one of the first Hitachi wand attachments I had to get. We are currently living in a male sex toy golden age, so do indulge in a magic wand stroker for him too. 

Are you not sold yet? Textured, stretchy TPR in a clear color will give you a softness that warms quickly to his body. The body wand stroker attachment will fit on most larger headed wands and is otherwise easy to use.

Adam & Eve Turbo Stroker Attachment

Put a little water-based lube inside the wand stroker and along his shaft and slide its tight grip onto him. You can use your hand to further control the body wand stroker attachment and increase its tightness, but expect as soon as you turn the vibrations on, he will be bucking for more.

Sure, just going head to the shaft with your wand will already get him going! However, the body wand stroker is just the magic wand attachment to take sharing your toy from exciting to blowing his mind.

Happy Vibing!

I hope that’s done the job of inspiring you with ideas of not only what to try when you look for Hitachi magic wand alternatives, but also some new way to use what you have already, alone or with a partner. 

Since there’s no review better than real experience, why not share how your wand massager blew your mind or what tricks you do to get the most out of your favorite?

Buy only the best wand massagers at Adam & Eve! Get them using coupon code BLOG50 to enjoy 50% OFF on almost any single item plus, Free Discreet Shipping and a Mystery Gift!

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